Would You Like To Become an AAR Reviewer?

AAR is always looking for good reviewers. If you are interested in becoming an AAR reviewer, you will need to commit to writing three reviews a month (at least) and will need to submit two sample reviews below. One review should be a DIK-level review; the other should be for a book you grade D or F.

Please be sure to include your full name and email address. Once you submit your form, you will be automatically returned to our review hub. Be assured that if you end up on our review hub page, your submission has reached us. If for some reason you get an error message when trying to submit the form, likely the email address you entered was incomplete...please page back and try again. Or you can email the information to Blythe Barnhill at blytheaar@gmail.com (subject line: I'd Like To Be an AAR Reviewer).

When Blythe receives your information, she will strip it and paste your reviews in an email to our editorial staff, who will review it "blind." Blythe will inform you within just a few days whether or not a majority of our editorial staff believes you will make a good addition to AAR. Good luck!

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Will you review four books a month?
Do you live within or outside the U.S.?
Your DIK Review (should be at least six paragraphs in length)
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