Rakes & Rogues

The terms "rake" and "rogue" are often used interchangably, although they are not the same. In romance novels, the rake is used as a term for a ladies' man, a bon vivant and possibly a libertine while the rogue is used as a term for a scoundrel, a man considered dangerous (perhaps he is a smuggler or is thought to have murdered his first wife), a man who may be acting outside the law. Often a man labeled as a rake or rogue is only a pretender, but for purposes of this list, you'll still find him here.

(List begun 09/97, updated 04/09)


Medieval Romances
Regency Romances
European Historical Romances
American Historical/Frontier Romances
Contemporary Romances
Alternate Reality


Medieval Romances

  • The Bride (1989) by Julie Garwood - Alec Kincaid (A at AAR)
  • Shadowheart (2004) by Laura Kinsale - Allegretto Navona (A-/B- at AAR)
  • A Kingdom of Dreams (1989) by Judith McNaught - Royce Westmoreland (A at AAR)
  • Lady Gallant (1991) by Suzanne Robinson - Christian de Rivers, Viscount Montfort (A at AAR)
  • Lady Fortune (1999) by Anne Stuart - Nicholas Stringfellow (B at AAR)
  • Lord of Danger (1997) by Anne Stuart - Simon of Navarre (B- at AAR)

Regency Romances

  • Indiscreet (1997) by Mary Balogh - Rex Adams, Viscount Raleigh (A at AAR)
  • The Notorious Rake (1992) by Mary Balogh - Lord Edmunde Waite (A at AAR)
  • An Arranged Marriage (1991) Jo Beverley - Nicholas Delaney, Earl of Stanbridge
  • Emily and The Dark Angel (1991) by Jo Beverley - Piers Verderan (B+ at AAR)
  • Miss Thornrose and the Rake (1999) by Geraldine Burrows - Alaric Tierney (B+ at AAR)
  • Reclaiming Lord Rockleigh (2001) by Nancy Butler - Lord Rockleigh Conniston (B+ at AAR)
  • An English Witch (1989) by Loretta Chase - Basil Trevelyan
  • A Change of Heart (1995) by Candice Hern - Jack Raeburn, Marquess of Pemberton
  • Venetia (1958) by Georgette Heyer - Lord Damerel (A at AAR)
  • Reforming Lord Ragsdale (1995) by Carla Kelly - John Staples, Lord Ragsdale (A at AAR)
  • The Rake's Reward (1991) by Mary Kingsley - Alex Darcy, Viscount St. Clare
  • The Bad Baron's Daughter (1978) by Laura London (Sharon & Tom Curtis) - Lord Linden (A at AAR)
  • An Angel for the Earl (1994) by Barbara Metzger - Kieran Somerfield, Earl of Stanford
  • Lady in Green (1993) by Barbara Metzger - Ross Montclair, Earl of Gardiner
  • The Rake and The Reformer (1989) by Mary Jo Putney - Reginald Davenport (A at AAR)
  • Lord St. Claire's Angel (1999) by Donna Simpson - Lord Justin St. Claire (A- at AAR)

European Historical Romances

  • First Comes Marriage (2009) by Mary Balogh - Elliott Wallace, Viscount Lyngate (A-/A- at AAR)
  • Heartless (1995) by Mary Balogh - Lucas Kendrick, Duke of Harndon (A at AAR)
  • Portrait of My Heart (1999) by Patricia Cabot - Jeremy, Duke of Rawlings (B+ at AAR)
  • Across a Moonlit Sea (1996) Marsha Canham - Simon Dante, The Pirate Wolf (B+ at AAR)
  • My False Heart (1999) by Liz Carlyle - Elliot Armstrong, Marquis of Rannoch (B+ at AAR)
  • Never Romance a Rake (2008) by Liz Carlyle - Kieran, Lord Rothewell (A- at AAR)
  • The Last Hellion (1998) by Loretta Chase - Vere Mallory, Duke of Ainswood (A/C at AAR)
  • Lord of Scoundrels (1995) by Loretta Chase - Sebastian Ballster, Marquess of Dain (A/B- at AAR)
  • Calypso Magic (1988) by Catherine Coulter - Lyonel Ashton, Earl of Saint Leven (A at AAR)
  • Midsummer Magic (1987) by Catherine Coulter - Phillip Hawksbury, Earl of Rothmere (A at AAR)
  • The Wild Baron (1997) by Catherine Coulter - Rohan Carrington, Baron Mountvale (B at AAR)
  • Bliss (1995) by Judy Cuevas (Judith Ivory) - Nardi de Saint Vallier (A at AAR)
  • Sleepless at Midnight (2007) by Jacquie D'Alessandro - Matthew Devenport, Marquess of Langston (B- at AAR)
  • London's Perfect Scoundrel (2003) by Suzanne Enoch - Marquis of St. Aubyn (A- at AAR)
  • Reforming a Rake (2000) by Suzanne Enoch - Lucien Balfour, Earl of Kilcairn Abbey (B at AAR)
  • Vice (1996) by Jane Feather - Tarquin, Duke of Redmayne (A at AAR)
  • Lord of Fire (2001) by Gaelen Foley - Lord Lucien Knight (B+ at AAR)
  • To Have and to Hold (1995) by Patricia Gaffney - Sebastian Verlaine, Viscount D'Aubrey (A at AAR)
  • The Gift (1991) by Julie Garwood - Nathan Baker, Marquess of St. James (A at AAR)
  • The Perfect Rake (2005) by Anne Gracie - Gideon, Lord Carridice (B- at AAR)
  • Her Officer and Gentleman (2006) by Karen Hawkins - Christian Llevanth, Viscount Westerville (B at AAR)
  • Devil's Cub (1933) by Georgette Heyer - Lord Vidal (A+ at AAR)
  • The Raven Prince (2005) by Elizabeth Hoyt - Edward de Raaf (A- at AAR)
  • To Seduce a Sinner (2008) by Elizabeth Hoyt - Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale (A- at AAR)
  • The Seduction of an English Scoundrel (2005) by Jillian Hunter - Grayson Boscastle, Marquess of Sedgecroft (B- at AAR)
  • The Forbidden Lord (1999) by Sabrina Jeffries - Jordan Willis, Earl of Blackmore (A-/B at AAR)
  • Let Sleeping Rogues Lie (2008) by Sabrina Jeffries - Anthony Viscount Norcourt (B+ at AAR)
  • Flowers from the Storm (1992) by Laura Kinsale - Christian Langland, Duke of Jeveaux (A/A at AAR)
  • Seize the Fire (1989) by Laura Kinsale - Sheridan Drake
  • Devil in Winter (1995) by Lisa Kleypas - Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent (A- at AAR)
  • Dreaming of You (1994) by Lisa Kleypas - Derek Craven (A at AAR)
  • Where Dreams Begin (2000) by Lisa Kleypas - Zachary Bronson (A- at AAR)
  • Highland Rogue (1991) by Arnette Lamb - Lachlan MacKenzie, Duke of Ross
  • The Duke's Wager (1983) by Edith Layton - Jason Thomas, Duke of Torquay
  • Gentle Rogue (1990) by Johanna Lindsey - James Malory
  • Tender Rebel (1988) by Johanna Lindsey - Tony Malory
  • The Windflower (1984) by Laura London (Sharon and Tom Curtis) - Devon Crandall (A at AAR)
  • The Perils of Pleasure (2008) by Julie Anne Long - Colin Eversea (A- at AAR)
  • Veiled Passions (2008) by Tracy MacNish - Matteo de Gama (B at AAR)
  • A Whisper of Violets (1997) by Linda Madl - Nicholas Darrington, Earl of Seacombe (B at AAR)
  • Til Dawn Tames The Night (1991) by Meagan McKinney - Vashon, Viscount Blackwell
  • Some Like It Wicked (2008) by Teresa Medeiros - Sir Simon Wescott (A- at AAR)
  • The Thorn & The Thistle (1997) by Julie Moffett - Rolf St. James (B+ at AAR)
  • Meet Me at Midnight (2001) by Jacqueline Navin - Raphael Giscard (B+ at AAR)
  • Petals in the Storm (1993) by Mary Jo Putney - Rafe Whitbourne, Duke of Candover
  • The Rake (1998) by Mary Jo Putney - Reginald Davenport (B- at AAR)
  • Silk and Shadows (1991) by Mary Jo Putney - Prince Peregrine of Kelirstan (A at AAR)
  • Thunder and Roses (1993) by Mary Jo Putney - Nicholas Davies, Earl of Aberdare (A at AAR)
  • Minx (1996) by Julia Quinn - William Dunford, Lord Stannage (B- at AAR)
  • Splendid (1995) by Julia Quinn - Alex Ridgely, Duke of Ashbourne (A at AAR)
  • When He Was Wicked (2004) by Julia Quinn - Michael Stirling (B at AAR)
  • Upon a Wicked Time (1998) by Karen Ranney - Jared Mandevill, Earl of Kittride (A- at AAR)
  • The Rogue and the Rival (2008) by Maya Rodale - Phillip Kensington, Marquis of Hawthorne (B- at AAR)
  • The Devil's Waltz (2006) by Anne Stuart - Christian Montcalm (B+ at AAR)
  • To Love a Dark Lord (1994) by Anne Stuart - James Killoran, Earl of Killoran (A at AAR)
  • A Rose At Midnight (1993) by Anne Stuart - Nicholas Blackthorne (A at AAR)
  • The Black Angel (1999) by Barbara Samuel - Tynan Spencer, Earl of Glencove (A at AAR)
  • Tatiana and Alexander (2003) by Paullina Simons - Alexander Barrington Belov (A/A at AAR)
  • The Rogue Report (2006) by Barbara Dawson Smith - Jack, Earl of Rutledge (B at AAR)
  • Once in a Blue Moon (1993) by Penelope Williamson - McCady Trelawny
  • A Rose in Winter (1982) by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss - Christopher Seaton

American Historical/Frontier Romances

  • The Raider (1987) by Jude Deveraux - Alexander Montgomery
  • A Rogue in Texas (1999) by Lorraine Heath - Grayson Rhodes (A-/B+ at AAR)
  • Sweet Savage Love (1974) by Rosemary Rogers - Steve Morgan
  • Still Life with Murder (2003) by P.B. Ryan - Will Hewitt (B+ at AAR)
  • The Gamble (1984) by LaVyrle Spencer - Scott Gandy
  • Heart of the West (1995) by Penelope Williamson - Zach Rafferty (A at AAR)

Contemporary Romances

  • Baby, Don't Go (2000) by Susan Andersen - Nick Coltrane (A- at AAR)
  • Get Lucky (3/2000) by Suzanne Brockmann - SIM-991 - Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon (A-/B- at AAR)
  • Billy Bob Walker Got Married (1993) by Lisa G. Brown - Billy Bob Walker
  • Crazy for Lovin' You (1994) by Lisa G. Brown - Jubal Kane
  • Slow Heat in Heaven (1988) by Sandra Brown - Cash Boudreaux
  • Crazy for You (1999) by Jennifer Crusie - Nick Ziegler
  • Faking It (2002) by Jennifer Crusie - Davy Dempsey (A/B+ at AAR)
  • The Growing Season (9/1985) by Rebecca Flanders - HSR-180 - Pierce Lanson
  • See Jane Score (2003) by Rachel Gibson - Luc Martineau (A- at AAR)
  • Truly, Madly Yours (1999) by Rachel Gibson - Nick Allegrezza (B+/C- at AAR)
  • Lucky's Lady (1992) by Tami Hoag - Lucky Doucet
  • All For Quinn (9/1993) Kay Hooper - LS-631 - Quinn
  • After the Night (1995) by Linda Howard - Gray Rouillard (B at AAR)
  • MacKenzie's Mountain (4/1989) by Linda Howard - SIM-281 - Wolf MacKenzie (A at AAR)
  • Absolute Trouble (1998) by Michelle Jerott - Julien Langlois (B+ at AAR)
  • All a Man Can Be (4/2003) by Virginia Kantra - SIM-1215 - Mark Delucca (B+ at AAR)
  • Double Standards (1984) by Judith McNaught - Nick Sinclair (B at AAR)
  • The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch (2002) by Marsha Moyer - Ash Farrell (B at AAR)
  • Jackson Rule (1996) by Dinah McCall - Jackson Rule (A at AAR)
  • Heaven, Texas (1995) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Bobby Tom Denton (A at AAR)
  • One Summer (1993) by Karen Robards - Johnny Harris (B- at AAR)
  • Carnal Innocence (1991) by Nora Roberts - Tucker Longstreet (A- at AAR)
  • Finding the Dream (1997) by Nora Roberts - Michael Fury
  • Honest Illusions (1992) by Nora Roberts - Luke Callahan (A/A at AAR)
  • Megan's Mate (11/1996) by Nora Roberts - SIM-745 - Nathaniel Fury
  • Playing the Odds (3/1985) by Nora Roberts - SSE-225 - Justin Blade
  • The Return of Rafe MacKade (4/1995) by Nora Roberts - SIM-631 - Rafe MacKade (B at AAR)
  • Sea Swept (1998) by Nora Roberts - Cameron Quinn (A/B at AAR)
  • True Betrayals (1995) by Nora Roberts - Gabe Slater
  • Annie and the Outlaw (10/1994) by Sharon Sala - SIM-597 - Gabe Donner
  • Moonrise (1996) by Anne Stuart - James McKinley
  • Night Fall (1995) by Anne Stuart - Richard Tiernan
  • Ritual Sins (1997) by Anne Stuart - Luke Bardell
  • Darkling I Listen (2001) by Katherine Sutcliffe - Brandon Carlyle (A at AAR)
  • True Blue (5/1994) by Ingrid Weaver - SIM-570 - Mike Hogan

Alternate Reality

  • Bitten (2001) by Kelley Armstrong - Clayton Danvers (A- at AAR)
  • Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake (2007) by Laurie Brown - Deverell Thornton, Earl of Waite (B at AAR)
  • Rejar (1997) by Dara Joy - Rejar (A at AAR)
  • In Death Series (1995 - ) by Nora Roberts - Roarke

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