Marriages of Convenience

Marriages of convenience are marriages that come about because of circumstances. In most romances of this type, neither the hero nor the heroine desires the marriage, but circumstances such as lack of money or child custody make the marriage desirable.

Sexual relations are not assumed to be part of the bargain; in fact, often there is a stipulation raised that the marriage will be dissolved (unconsummated) after a certain period of time. Sex does not negate the designation of marriage of convenience, however.

Especially in contemporaries, sex may be considered part of the arrangement. Mail Order Brides are also found here. This list is an off-shoot of the Arranged Marriages list.

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Medieval Romances
Regency Romances
European Historical Romances
American Historical/Frontier Romances
Contemporary Romances
Alternate Reality


Medieval Romances

  • In Bed with a Highlander (2011) by Maya Banks
  • Dark Champion (1993) by Jo Beverley
  • Highland Velvet (1982) by Jude Deveraux
  • Warlord (1995) by Elizabeth Elliott
  • Highland Bride (2002) by Hannah Howell
  • Dream of Me (2001) by Josie Litton (A- at AAR)
  • Madselin (1968) by Nora Lofts
  • The Knight and the Rose (2002) by Isolde Martyn (A/B- at AAR)
  • Charming the Prince (1999) by Teresa Medeiros (B/D+ at AAR)
  • My Beloved (1999) by Karen Ranney (A at AAR)

Regency Romances

  • Dancing with Clara (1994) by Mary Balogh (A at AAR)
  • The Ideal Wife (1991) by Mary Balogh (B at AAR)
  • The Temporary Wife (1991) by Mary Balogh (A at AAR)
  • Christmas Angel (1992) by Jo Beverley
  • A Most Suitable Duchess (2001) by Patricia Bray (B- at AAR)
  • Captive of Sin (2010) by Anna Campbell (B+ at AAR)
  • Jack of Hearts (2000) by Marjorie Farrell (B+ at AAR)
  • Tallie's Knight (2001) by Anne Gracie (A at AAR)
  • A Gentleman of Substance (1999) by Deborah Hale HH-488
  • False of Heart (1992) by Elizabeth Hewitt
  • April Lady (1957) by Georgette Heyer
  • A Civil Contract (1961) by Georgette Heyer
  • The Convenient Marriage (1934) by Georgette Heyer
  • Friday's Child (1944) by Georgette Heyer (A at AAR)
  • The Reluctant Widow (1946) by Georgette Heyer
  • Entwined (1997) by Emma Jensen
  • Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand (1994) by Carla Kelly (A at AAR)
  • The Wedding Journey (2002) by Carla Kelly (B+ at AAR)
  • With This Ring (1997) by Carla Kelly (A at AAR)
  • The Reasons for Marriage (1994) by Stephanie Laurens (B+ at AAR)
  • A Companion in Joy (1980) by Dorothy Mack - CR-602
  • The Bargain (The Would be Widow) (1999) by Mary Jo Putney (B+ at AAR)
  • A Scandalous Marriage (2003) by Debbie Raleigh
  • A Marriage of Inconvenience (1972) by Janet Louise Roberts
  • The Would-Be Widow (1988) by Mary Jo Putney
  • A Marriage Arranged (1980) by Mira Stables - COV-127
  • A Difficult Truce (1981) by Joan Wolf
  • A Double Deception (1983) by Joan Wolf
  • The American Duchess (1982) by Joan Wolf (A at AAR)

European Historical Romances

  • The Prince's Bride (2001) by Victoria Alexander (B at AAR)
  • The Marriage Debt (2005) by Louise Allen
  • My Darling Caroline (1998) by Adele Ashworth (A- at AAR)
  • The Marriage Wager (1996) by Jane Ashford (B at AAR)
  • First Comes Marriage (2009) by Mary Balogh
  • A Matter of Class (2010) by Mary Balogh
  • Slightly Married (2003) by Mary Balogh (B+ at AAR)
  • To Wed a Viscount (2001) by Adrienne Basso
  • Forbidden Magic (1998) by Jo Beverley (A at AAR)
  • The Sea Wife (2003) by Holly Cook (A- at AAR)
  • One Dance With A Duke (2010) by Tessa Dare (B- at AAR)
  • The Lymond Chronicles (1961-1975) by Dorothy Dunnett (A at AAR)
  • A Lady's Lesson in Scandal (2011) by Meredith Duran (A- at AAR)
  • A Perfect Scandal (2010) by Tina Gabrielle
  • Castles (1993) by Julie Garwood (A at AAR)
  • The Perfect Stranger (2006) by Anne Gracie (B at AAR)
  • Rightfully His (1998) by Tracy Grant (A-/B- at AAR)
  • My Lord Protector (1999) by Deborah Hale (B at AAR)
  • The Wild One (1997) by Danelle Harmon (A at AAR)
  • The Abduction of Julia (2000) by Karen Hawkins (B- at AAR)
  • Magnificent Rogue (1993) by Iris Johansen
  • The Admiral's Penniless Bride (2011) by Carla Kelly HH-1025(B+ at AAR)
  • The Heather Moon (1999) by Susan King (B at AAR)
  • No Greater Love (1992) by Katherine Kingsley
  • Devil in Winter (2006) by Lisa Kleypas (A- at AAR)
  • Tempt Me At Twilight (2009) by Lisa Kleypas (B- at AAR)
  • To Wed a Stranger (2003) by Edith Layton (A- at AAR)
  • In For A Penny (2010) by Rose Lerner (A- at AAR)
  • The Trouble With Harry (2004) by Katie MacAlister
  • Once and Always (1992) by Judith McNaught (A at AAR)
  • Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught (B at AAR)
  • Ever His Bride (1997) by Linda Needham
  • The Bargain (The Would Be Widow) (1999) by Mary Jo Putney (B+ at AAR)
  • The Bartered Bride (2002) by Mary Jo Putney (B at AAR)
  • Veils of Silk (1992) by Mary Jo Putney
  • Seduction (1990) by Amanda Quick (A- at AAR)
  • Brighter than the Sun (1997) by Julia Quinn
  • To Sir Phillip, With Love (2003) by Julia Quinn (B+ at AAR)
  • A Borrowed Scot (20011) by Karen Ranney (B at AAR)
  • Sold to a Laird (2009) by Karen Ranney (B at AAR)
  • The Scottish Companion (2007) by Karen Ranney (A- at AAR)
  • The Devil Wears Tartan (2008) by Karen Ranney (B at AAR)
  • The Dutiful Rake (2004) by Elizabeth Rolls - HH-712
  • Ravishing the Heiress (2012) by Sherry Thomas (B+ at AAR)
  • The Pretenders (1999) by Joan Wolf (B at AAR)
  • Dream Fever (1991) by Katherine Sutcliffe (mail-order bride, set in Australia) (A at AAR)
  • Shanna (1977) by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

American Historical/Frontier Romances

  • Annie's Song (1996) by Catherine Anderson
  • The Surgeon (2003) by Kate Bridges - HH-685 (mail-order bride)(B+ at AAR)
  • Knight on the Texas Plains (2002) by Linda Broday (B- at AAR)
  • Sunset Embrace (1985) by Sandra Brown (A at AAR)
  • Rachel LeMoyne (1998) by Eileen Charbonneau (A at AAR)
  • Capture the Night (1993) by Geralyn Dawson
  • The Bad Luck Wedding Cake (1998) by Geralyn Dawson (B/B- at AAR)
  • Eternity (1992) by Jude Deveraux (mail-order bride)
  • The Princess (1987) by Jude Deveraux
  • Homeplace (1991) by Dorothy Garlock
  • A Taste of Heaven (1996) by Alexis Harrington (mail-order bride)(B- at AAR)
  • Texas Destiny (1997) by Lorraine Heath (mail-order bride) (A at AAR)
  • Mail-Order Man (1994) by Martha Hix (mail-order groom)
  • The Morning Gift (2007) by Eva Ibbotson (WWII)
  • The Bride Wore Spurs (1995) by Sharon Ihle (mail-order bride)
  • The Heart Breaker (1998) by Nicole Jordan (B- at AAR)
  • Come What May (2002) by Leslie LaFoy (B+ at AAR)
  • Summer Moon (2001) by Jill Marie Landis (mail-order bride) (B at AAR)
  • Tender is the Storm (1985) by Johanna Lindsey (mail-order bride)
  • Wild West Wife (1998) by Susan Mallery - HH-419 (mail-order bride)
  • Yankee Wife (1993) by Linda Lael Miller
  • The Marriage Bed (1996) by Stephanie Mittman
  • Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold (2010) by Ellen O'Connell
  • Love Comes Softly (1979) by Janette Oke (B+ at AAR)
  • Silver Lining (2000) by Maggie Osborne (B at AAR)
  • Forever Mine (1996) by Charlene Raddon (mail-order bride)
  • Forbidden Kiss (1995) by Gina Robins (mail-order bride)
  • Winter Bride (1995) by Teresa Southwick (mail-order bride)
  • The Endearment (1982) by LaVyrle Spencer (mail-order bride)
  • Morning Glory (1989) by LaVyrle Spencer (A at AAR)
  • The Coming Home Place (1994) by Mary Spencer
  • His Secondhand Wife (2005) by Cheryl St. John HH-760(B+ at AAR)
  • Joe's Wife (1999) by Cheryl St. John - HH-451 (B at AAR)
  • A Texan's Luck (2004) by Jodi Thomas (C+ at AAR)
  • The Tender Texan (1991) by Jodi Thomas
  • The Texan and the Lady (1994) by Jodi Thomas (mail-order bride secondary romance)
  • The Texan's Wager (2002) by Jodi Thomas (C+ at AAR)
  • To Wed in Texas (2000) by Jodi Thomas
  • Two Texas Hearts (1997) by Jodi Thomas
  • When a Texan Gambles (2003) by Jodi Thomas (B- at AAR)
  • Texas Triumph (1987) by Victoria Thompson
  • Heartbreak Creek (2011) by Kaki Warner (A- at AAR)
  • Open Country (2010) by Kaki Warner (B+ at AAR)
  • Short Straw Bride (2012) by Karen Witemeyer (B+ at AAR)

Contemporary Romances

  • A Marriage of Convenience (2009) by Jewel Amethyst (B at AAR)
  • Baby Love (1999) by Catherine Anderson (B/C at AAR)
  • Roarke's Wife (9/1997) by Beverly Barton - SIM-807 (B+ at AAR)
  • The Wedding Ultimatum (4/2002) by Helen Bianchin - HP-2241
  • A Marriage of Convenience (1991) by Georgia Bockoven
  • Billy Bob Walker Got Married (1993) by Lisa G. Brown (A at AAR)
  • Texas! Chase (1991) by Sandra Brown
  • The Cinderella Deal (10/1996) by Jennifer Crusie - LS-807 (B at AAR)
  • Her First Mother (3/1998) by Kayla Daniels - SIM-844
  • Mr. Family (10/1996) by Margot Early - HSR-711 (mail-order bride) (B+ at AAR)
  • Bond of Hatred (8/1995) by Lynne Graham - HP-1758
  • One Night with His Wife (1/2000) by Lynne Graham - HP-2073
  • The Unfaithful Wife (12/1995) by Lynne Graham - HP-1779
  • Tall Tales and Wedding Veils (2007) by Jane Graves (A at AAR)
  • Shades of Gray (1998) by Vickie Hinze
  • Duncan's Bride (9/1990) by Linda Howard - SIM-349 (A at AAR)
  • The Edge of Midnight (2004) by Beverly Jenkins (B+ at AAR)
  • Whose Baby? (1/2000) by Janice Kay Johnson - HSR-889 (A at AAR)
  • A Racy Affair (11/1987) by Roberta Leigh - HP-1026
  • Temporary Wife (9/1975) by Roberta Leigh - HP-109
  • Morning Comes Softly (1993) by Debbie Macomber
  • Under Seige (1/2003) by Catherine Mann - SIM-1198
  • Marriage by Contract (12/2001) by Margaret Mayo - HP-167
  • Mother of the Bride (12/1993) by Carole Mortimer - HP-1607
  • His Wife For One Night (2011) by Molly O'Keefe - HSR-1688 (B+ at AAR)
  • Kiss An Angel (1996) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (B+ at AAR)
  • What I Did For Love (2009) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (C+ at AAR)
  • A Marriage of Convenience (1972) by Elizabeth Rossiter
  • A Practical Marriage (10/1991) by Dallas Schulze - HAR-409
  • A Very Convenient Marriage (12/1994) by Dallas Schulze - SIM-608
  • A Risk Worth Taking (8/1983) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel - HAR-17
  • One Hot Texan (11/2001) by Jane Sullivan - HT-854 (B- at AAR)
  • Rio Grande Wedding (10/1999) by Ruth Wind - SIM-964 (B+ at AAR)
  • Bride by Day (9/1998) by Rebecca Winters - HR-3519

Alternate Reality

  • The Changeling Bride (1999) by Lisa Cach (A at AAR)
  • Outlander (1991) by Diana Gabaldon (A at AAR)

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