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AAR at a Glance:

All About Romance was the romance destination of choice for more than 5.2 million unique visitors in 2010 who viewed more than 24.6 million pages throughout the year. 

Our readers are of all ages and demographics, but they have one thing in common: Every visitor to AAR is looking for great romance books to buy. In fact, in our 2005 reader survey, we discovered that more than half of our readers spent at least $250 buying romances, with nearly a quarter of them spending $500 or more.

At surprisingly affordable rates, ads at AAR will receive a minimum of 50,000 impressions per month - and very likely more

About AAR:

AAR is recognized in the mainstream media as a leading authority on romance. We’ve been graded A- by Entertainment Weekly and been highlighted in feature articles in CNN.com, Women's World, Salon.com and on CBC radio, along with numerous books, academic works, and, of course – Wikipedia.

AAR is highly interactive with five active forums open 24/7, generating discussions that reverberate across the Web and across the media.

With 7,000 pages of unique content, no other site can come even close to matching our variety, depth, and sensibility.

Advertising Options:

We offer two types of advertising at AAR:

1. AAR Banner Ads:  Two different size ads receive prominent placement throughout the site.  Specs are as follows:

200 X 300 ad in gif or jpg format for AAR's redesigned home page.

150 X 200 in gif or jpg format for review pages, message boards, blogs, and other pages at AAR.  (This ad is the only size accepted for the blogs.)

2. Advertising at the new AAR News and Commentary Blog and at AAR After Hours, AAR's off topic blog: This affordable option offers book-sized ads that appear in a highly visible location on each blog's home page.  In its first month, the AAR News and Commentary Blog received 30,000 page views, making it a popular reader destination in just a few short weeks. Traffic at the established AAR After Hours Blog currently averages nearly 70,000 page views per month.  With the audience for both blogs growing daily, this option offers you a unique – and especially affordable – way to reach AAR readers.

We also offer our clients the benefit of professional design services and copywriting.   These services are priced far, far below those charged in the general marketplace.

Pricing & Payment:

Our advertising rates are at least 50% lower than other general Web sites with similar traffic levels.  

It’s important to note that the monthly rate at a romance Web site competitor - the Web site for a well-know print publication - is more than twice the rate of advertising at AAR for a full year when applying their rates to our level of traffic.

The following are the costs to advertise at AAR:

One Month Campaign (this now includes blogs):  $300
Discount rates available for longer campaigns  
AAR News and Commentary and After Hours Blogs Only:  $100 for one month

AAR is pleased to remain flexible to suit the individual needs of authors, publishers, and other advertisers.  If you don't see a schedule that works for you here, just let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate your needs.

If you need design assistance, AAR offers you the option of choosing our professional design services at the prices quoted below.

Design Fees

Two different sized ads (a book-sized ad and a banner ad) are used to advertise at AAR.  A book-sized ad only is needed if you wish to adveritise at AAR After Hours.  

The cost of one ad of either size is $150.

The cost of two ads (one is each size) is $175.

If ads submitted as "web ready" really aren't, a $30 fee will be charged.

Checks drawn on U.S. Banks are accepted and payment is also accepted through PayPal.  

All About Romance reserves the right to request payment in advance.

If you are interested in advertising at AAR or AAR After Hours, please submit the following form and you will be contacted shortly. Thanks for your interest!

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For what length of time would you like to advertise?
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What url should your ad point to?
Will you be providing web-ready "banner" ads and/or full-page ad,
or will you need assistance with either or both?
If your "Web-ready" material when provided really isn't, or isn't complete, do you agree to pay a $30 fee for us to complete your material?
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