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Clashing Tempest, the last book of the Men of Myth trilogy continues with the parallel adventures of Finn and Brett, but now Brett has Lelas as his best friend and confidante, while Finn has Schwint as his sidekick and lover. Both young men are seeking the truth, unaware that their lives are on converging paths that will lead them to unimaginable horror—and to Sonia, waitress turned vampire queen. At the same time, we learn a great deal of back-story and begin to see the pieces come together even as our two protagonists struggle to make sense of things.


Brandon Witt creates a world in his Men of Myth series that appeals to readers like me greatly. Like the Beings series by F. Cooper and the End Street Detective Agency books by Amber Kell and RJ Scott, Witt’s world posits the unseen presence of paranormal beings, interacting with humans at varying degrees of awareness.

Witt promises that the Men of Myth series will continue; but the immediate saga of Brett Wright, mer-demon, and Finn de Morisco, warlock, wends its way through the second substantial volume of the trio. The third book is equally hefty. This is a series of epic scale.


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