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Although I am in real life quite afraid of the sea and prefer to stay out of it, I think the best part of Beneath the Waves is the setting. We spend a lot of time in the water, on a boat, on an oil rig, in a city on the bottom of the sea, and I loved this closeness to it a lot. It’s fascinating as long as I can read about it and don’t have to experience it myself, it seems ;-)


Crispin de Feaux, Marquess of Avenmore is one of the four Lords of Disgrace, who were introduced to readers in His Housekeeper’s Christmas Wish; although by the sound of it, he’s probably the least deserving of being called a ‘disgrace’ of all of them. I’m also not sure what his “many sins” are, as he’s a thoroughly upstanding chap who takes his responsibilities seriously, recognises the importance of duty and who is starting to think it’s time he fulfilled that duty to family and title by settling down.


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