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Sometimes a short, fun story is just the ticket. Geneva Lee's Two Week Turnaround has just the right amount of humor, angst, and sexiness to make for a perfect afternoon read. Given the source of the conflict between the leads, I felt like a little more making of amends was in order, but otherwise, I really liked this one.


I've read more than a few books that started off well, but floundered as I moved along. However, The Warlord's Wife follows a less common path. The first half or two-thirds of this book is painfully terrible, so awful in fact that I found myself wondering if F- might possibly be a grading option. But the second half - or at least the last quarter? Well, the ending's a little too pat, but the author really does improve things by fitting in a cracking good action story amidst the crazy romance. If I hadn't had to suffer through the rest of the book to get to it, I actually would have enjoyed that part.


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