These romances have heroes and heroines who, guilty or innocent, were convicted of a crime or taken prisoner and so spent time imprisoned or exiled.

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Medieval Romances
Regency Romances
European Historical Romances
American Historical/Frontier Romances
Contemporary Romances
Alternate Reality


Medieval Romances

  • The Secret Swan (2001) by Shanna Abe
    Tristan Geraint, held for ransom by the French for eight years
  • Rose of Rapture (1985) by Rebecca Brandewyne
    Isabella Ashley, imprisoned in the Tower for treason
  • The Beauty (2001) by Claire Delacroix
    Angus MacGillivary, imprisoned and tortured during the Crusades
  • The Blue Viking (2001) by Sandra Hill
    Maire Campbell, imprisoned in a cage by her enemy
  • Chieftain (1994) by Arnette Lamb
    Drummond MacQueen, imprisoned in England for years
  • Lord of the Mist (2001) by Ann Lawrence
    Cristina le Gros, convicted of treason
  • Saxon Bride (1996) by Tamara Leigh
    Rhyannin, accused of murder
  • Touch of Enchantment (1997) by Teresa Medeiros
    Colin of Ravenshaw and Tabitha Lennox, imprisoned together
  • The Witch and the Warrior (1998) by Karyn Monk
    Gwendolyn MacSween, convicted of witchcraft
  • One Knight in Venice (2001) by Tori Phillips
    Jessica Leonardo, convicted of heresy
  • My Beloved (1999) by Karen Ranney
    Sebastian of Langlinais, a prisoner of war for years
  • In Pursuit of the Green Lion (1990) by Judith Merkle Riley
    Gilbert de Vilers, a prisoner of war, held without ransom

Regency Romances

  • Reforming Lord Ragsdale (1995) by Carla Kelly
    Emma Costello, found guilty of treason and sold into indenture

European Historical Romances

  • To Rescue a Rogue (2006) by Jo Beverley
    Lord Darius Debenham, held captive and drugged during the Napoleonic Wars
  • The Spymaster's Lady (2008) by Joanna Bourne
    Annique Villiars and Greyson Fordham, held captive
  • Moonraker's Bride (1973) by Madeleine Brent
    Lucy Waring, imprisoned for theft, and Nicholas Sabine, imprisoned for trespassing
  • McClairen's Isle: The Reckless One (2000) by Connie Brockway
    Raine Merrick, held prisoner by the French
  • Vice Avenged (1971) by Lolah Burford
    Bysshe, Marquis of Gore, thrown into the Bastille for revenge
  • Robert's Lady (2000) by Nicole Byrd
    Robert Holt, Viscount Manning, held prisoner three years by the French
  • Captive of Sin (2009) by Anna Campbell
    Sir Gideon Trevithick, captured and tortured in India
  • Don't Tempt Me (2009) by Loretta Chase
    Zoe Octavia, stolen from her family and made second wife to a Pasha’s sickly son for 12 years
  • Heart of Night (2001) by Taylor Chase
    Sir Adrian Thorne, held in Bedlam
  • The Sea Wife (2003) by Holly Cook
    Myles Dampier, convicted of kidnapping and transported
  • The Tide of Life (1976) by Catherine Cookson
    Francis Stuart, imprisoned for manslaughter
  • The Rebel and the Redcoat (1980) by Jan Constant
    Anstey Fraser, held on murder charges
  • England's Perfect Hero (2004) by Suzanne Enoch
    Robert Carroway, held as a POW in France
  • To Have and To Hold (1995) by Patricia Gaffney
    Rachel Wade, convicted of murder
  • Sara Dane (1954) by Catherine Gaskin
    Sara Dane, convicted of theft and transported to Australia
  • Shadows of the Heart (1996) by Tracy Grant
    Paul Lescaut, held on charges of murder
  • Shores of Desire (1997) by Tracy Grant
    Robert Lescaut, held on charges of murder
  • To Desire a Devil (2009) by Elizabeth Hoyt
    Reynaud St. Aubyn, held captive for seven years by American Indians
  • The Hidden Heart (1986) by Laura Kinsale
    Gryphon Meridon, held in prison, accused of murder
  • The Wedding (1995) by Edith Layton
    Dulcie Dawn Blessing, held in debtor's prison
  • That Sweet Enemy (1982) by Margaret May (Dinah Dean)
    Captain Armand Dufour, taken prisoner during the English/Russian invasion of the Batavian Republic
  • Some Like It Wicked (2008) by Teresa Medeiros
    Simon Westcott, jailed for debt and having seduced a magistrate's daughter
  • Surrender to a Stranger (1995) by Karyn Monk
    Jacqueline Doucette, held in French prison and condemned to death during the Revolution
  • Night in Eden (1997) by Candice Proctor (New South Wales)
    Bryony Wentworth, convicted of manslaughter
  • Whispers of Heaven (2001) by Candice Proctor (Tasmania)
    Lucas Gallagher, convicted of murder and anti-government activity
  • The China Bride (2000) by Mary Jo Putney
    Kyle Renbourne, held prisoner in China
  • So in Love (2004) by Karen Ranney
    Jeanne du Marchand, confined to a convent for bearing an illegitimate child
  • The Lily Brand (2005) by Sandra Schwab
    Troy, held as a POW in France
  • Dream Fever (1991) by Katherine Sutcliffe
    Nicholas Sabre, exiled to New Zealand for killing a man in a duel
  • Whisper His Name (1999) by Elizabeth Thornton
    Abbie Vayle, imprisoned for treason
  • Shanna (1977) by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
    Ruark Beauchamp, convicted of murder

American Historical/Frontier Romances

  • Imagine (1995) by Jill Barnett
    Hank Wyatt, convicted of murder
  • Family Man (1999) by Carol Carson
    Rider Magrane, rustled cattle
  • The Gentleman Caller (1998) by Megan Chance
    Jack Waters, convicted of murder
  • If My Love Could Hold You (1989) by Elain Coffman
    Walker Reed, convicted of murder
  • Hannah's Vow (2002) by Pam Crooks
    Quinn Landry, convicted of murder
  • Portraits (1996) by Stef Ann Holm
    Wyatt Holloway, convicted of murder
  • Maddie's Justice (2000) by Leslie LaFoy
    Maddie Rutledge, convicted of murder
  • The Rainbow Season (1979) by Lisa Gregory
    Luke Turner, convicted of rape
  • Texas Splendor (1999) by Lorraine Heath
    Austin Leigh, convicted of murder
  • Angel (11/1994) by Ruth Langan - HH-245
    Quin McAllister, held in a Confederate prison
  • The Horse Soldier (2001) by Merline Lovelace
    Major Andrew Garrett, held in a Confederate prison
  • A Reason To Believe (2007) by Maureen McKade
    Rye Forrester, held three months in a stockade for desertion
  • The Promise of Jenny Jones (1997) by Maggie Osborne
    Jenny Jones, convicted of murder
  • A Stranger's Wife (1999) by Maggie Osborne
    Lily Dale, convicted of murder
  • The Wives of Bowie Stone (1994) by Maggie Osborne
    Bowie Stone, court-martialed and convicted of murder
  • Relentless (1994) by Patricia Potter
    Rafe Tyler, court-martialed and convicted of theft
  • The Bride Fair (2002) by Cheryl Reavis
    Colonel Max Woodard, held in a Confederate prison
  • The Prisoner (1992) by Cheryl Reavis
    Captain John Howe, held in a Confederate prison
  • Siren (2005) by Cheryl Sawyer
    Leonore Roncival, imprisoned in Cuba while awaiting trial for piracy
  • Homeward Bound (1995) by Linda Shertzer
    Jesse Taylor, held in a Confederate prison
  • Morning Glory (1989) by LaVyrle Spencer
    Will Parker, convicted of murder
  • Primrose Lane in Secret Valentines (1997) by Katherine Sutcliffe
    Joe Norton, convicted of robbery

Contemporary Romances

  • The Night in Question (9/2002) by Harper Allen - HI-680
    Julia Tennant, convicted of murder
  • Every Move She Makes (2001) by Beverly Barton
    Reed Conway, convicted of murder
  • Lone Wolf's Lady (9/1998) by Beverly Barton - SIM-877
    Luke McClendon, convicted of murder
  • Timberline (1996) by Deborah Bedford
    Ben Peshall, convicted of murder, destruction of property
  • In the Line of Fire (3/2002) by Beverly Bird - SIM-1138
    Danny Gates, convicted of mob activity
  • Letters to Kelly (4/2003) by Suzanne Brockmann - SIM-1213
    Jax Winchester, held in a Central American prison over one year for possession of drugs
  • Billy Bob Walker Got Married (1993) by Lisa G. Brown
    Billy Bob Walker, convicted of fighting and destruction of property
  • Crazy For Loving You (1994) by Lisa G. Brown
    Jubal Kane, convicted of breaking and entering and theft
  • Remember Me, Cowboy (10/1998) by Caroline Burnes - HI-485
    Slate Walker, convicted of bank robbery
  • Just a Little Bit Dangerous (4/2002) by Linda Castillo - SIM-1145
    Abby Nichols, convicted of 2nd degree murder and given a life sentence
  • The Daughter (1998) by Jasmine Cresswell
    Maggie Slade, convicted of murder
  • No Sin Too Great (1996) by Jasmine Cresswell
    Jack Fletcher, convicted of murder
  • Safe Haven (7/1999) by Evelyn Crowe - HSR-850
    Avery Jensen, convicted of fraud
  • Suspicion's Gate (3/1992) by Justine Davis - SIM-423
    Travis Halloran, convicted of murder
  • Wicked Secrets (3/1994) by Justine Davis - SIM-555
    Trey Logan, held prisoner in Central America
  • Commitments (1988) by Barbara Delinsky
    Derek McGill, convicted of murder
  • The Renegade and the Heiress (11/2001) by Judith Duncan - SIM-1114
    Finn Donovan, convicted of manslaughter
  • When Morning Comes (12/1984) by Judith Duncan - HSR-143
    David Spencer, held prisoner in Central America
  • This Time Forever (1992) by Kathleen Eagle
    Cleveland Blackhorse, convicted of murder
  • Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason (2000) by Helen Fielding
    Bridget Jones, held on the suspicion of drug smuggling
  • The Bad Penny (6/1993) by Susan Fox - HSR-326
    Maggie Deaton, convicted of livestock theft
  • Outcast Woman (6/1992) by Lucy Gordon - SSE-749
    Mike Stallard, convicted of embezzlement
  • For the Love of Grace (1995) by Ginna Gray
    Jake Paxton, convicted of murder
  • The Edge of Heaven (2002) by Teresa Hill
    John "Rye" Ryan, convicted of auto theft and 2nd degree murder
  • Her Perfect Life (2006) by Vicki Hinze
    Kate Slater, held as POW in Iraq
  • Aces High (1989) by Kay Hooper
    Katrina Keller, imprisoned in East Germany for espionage
  • MacKenzie's Mountain (4/1989) by Linda Howard - SIM-281
    Wolf MacKenzie, convicted of rape
  • The Long Way Home (2001) by Janis Reams Hudson
    Duncan Malone, convicted of murder
  • The Testimony (10/1983) by Robin James (Sharon & Tom Curtis) - THTH-1
    Jesse Ludan, imprisoned for obstruction of justice (witholding evidence in a criminal investigation)
  • Phoenix Rising (5/1989) by Mary Kirk - SSE-524
    Peter Lericos, convicted of murder
  • Rendezvous with Revenge (7/1998) by Miranda Lee - HP-1967
    Abby Richmond, convicted of drug possession
  • Exile's End (9/1992) by Rachel Lee - SIM-449
    Ransom Laird, betrayed by a CIA operative and served 4 years in prison
  • In the Cold (2005) by Jeanie London
    Violet Lierly, imprisoned in a detention camp in Bosnia
  • River Rising (1999) by Merline Lovelace
    Ryan McMann, convicted of possession of illegal substances and a violation of the Mann Act
  • Love, Lies and Alibis (1/1999) by Linda Markowiak - HSR-819
    Jake Monroe, convicted of 2nd degree murder in the commission of a robbery
  • Jackson Rule (1996) by Dinah McCall
    Jackson Rule, convicted of murder
  • Perfect (1993) by Judith McNaught
    Zack Benedict, convicted of murder
  • The Redemption of Matthew Quinn (10/2002) by Kathleen O'Brien - HSR-1086
    Matthew Quinn, convicted of embezzlement
  • Guilt by Association (4/1988) by Marilyn Pappano - SIM-223
    Christopher Morgan, held on the suspicion of treason
  • Suspicion (1997) by Marilyn Pappano
    Tucker Caldwell, convicted of murder
  • Home for Christmas (12/1998) by Patricia Potter - SIM-897
    Ryan Murphy, convicted of murder
  • Taming the Night (1999) by Paula Detmer Riggs
    Summer Laurence, convicted of drug possession with intent to sell
  • Paroled! (7/1992) by Paula Detmer Riggs - SIM-440
    Dr. Tyler McClane, convicted of child molestation
  • Rough Passage (4/1991) by Paula Detmer Riggs - SD-633
    Jake Cutter, convicted of voluntary manslaughter
  • One Summer (1993) by Karen Robards
    Johnny Harris, convicted of murder
  • Remember Me (12/1999) by Sharon Sala
    Frankie LeGrand, held captive for two years by an obsessed crime lord
  • Maggie's Man (4/1997) by Alicia Scott - SIM-776
    Cain Cannon, convicted of murder
  • Angel Meets the Badman (4/2000) by Maggie Shayne - SIM-1000
    Jake Nash, convicted of murder
  • If Tomorrow Comes (1985) by Sidney Sheldon
    Tracy Whitney, convicted of theft
  • Convictions (2/1986) by Beverly Sommers - HAR-137
    Eddie Mello, convicted of bank robbery
  • Honor Bound (1986) by Erin St. Claire (Sandra Brown) - SIM-144
    Lucas Greywolf, initiated demonstration where violence ensued including injuries to police
  • Night Fall (1995) by Anne Stuart
    Richard Tiernan, convicted of murder; did not serve his sentence
  • Still Lake (2002) by Anne Stuart
    Thomas Ingram Giffin aka John Smith, convicted of murder
  • Darkling I Listen (2001) by Katherine Sutcliffe
    Brandon Carlyle, convicted of murder
  • Kat (9/1994) by Linda Turner - SIM-590
    Lucas Valentine, convicted of rape
  • Fugitive Hearts (9/2001) by Ingrid Weaver - SIM-1101
    Remy Leverette, convicted of murder
  • The Guilty Wife (8/1997) by Sally Wentworth - HP-1902
    Lucie Wallace, convicted of robbery
  • The Judas Kiss (1/1982) by Sally Wentworth - HP-480
    Lyn Maxwell, convicted of drug smuggling
  • Whisper My Love (5/1998) by Gayle Wilson - HI-466
    Rio Delgado, convicted of being an accessory to murder
  • The Last Chance Ranch (8/1995) by Ruth Wind - SSE-997
    Tanya Bishop, convicted of murder
  • Meant To Be Married (7/1998) by Ruth Wind
    Elias Santiage, convicted of statutory rape
  • Beneath a Texas Sky (1/2002) by Rebecca Winters - HSR-1034
    Dana Turner, convicted of murder
  • Strangers When We Meet (4/1997) by Rebecca Winters - HSR-737
    Nick Armstrong, held captive in Iraq after the Gulf War
  • A Father's Heart (5/1998) by Karen Young - HSR-786
    Daniel Kendrick, convicted of child molestation

Alternate Reality

  • Stolen (2003) by Kelley Armstrong
    Elena Michaels, held prisoner by a group that studies paranormals
  • Out of Time (1997) by Marilyn Campbell
    Luke Templeton, convicted of murder
  • The Skypirate (1995) by Justine Davis
    Califa Claxton, imprisoned and branded with a slave collar for letting a slave escape
  • Lady of Hay (1986) by Barbara Erskine
    Matilda de Braose, held in prison by King John
  • Fantasy Lover (2002) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Julian of Macedon, held prisoner in a scroll/book for 2000 years
  • Tiger Eye (2005) by Marjorie M. Liu
    Hari, held prisoner in a puzzle box and forced to serve whoever owned it
  • Gabriel's Ghost (2005) by Linnea Sinclair
    Chasidah Bergren, court-martialed and sent to a prison planet

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