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Paranormal Covers

Our nominators and AAR staffers, suitably enough, were at their most unconventional in the paranormal voting category. I suppose if you are going to give the reader an unreal world and/or unreal people, it is then okay to likewise venture into more surreal images. This is a category which pulls me strongly because I like departures from the very realistic in art. The readers who nominated covers really "let their hair" down for this one and I hope you will too when you think of possible contenders to pit against them. This should be the least stodgy of our voting categories.

Pocket Books; Lisa Litwack
Jove; Berkley; no art credit
Avon; design - Mark Stringer;
illustration - Kamil Vojnar
Bantam; Franco Accornero, artist/illustrator

Bantam; artist/illustrator, Kinuko Craft
Avon; Tim&Greg Hildebrandt, illustration;
design, Amy Halperin
Bantam; art, Cliff Neilsen;design, Jamie Warren-Youll

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