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The Cover Controversy
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Covers Covered by Carol:

Artist John Ennis: From Lady's Tutor to Bewitched Viking, & Everything In Between April 2000
1999 Cover Contest Results March 2000
The Long, Long Cover Journey From Judy Cuevas To Judith Ivory February 2000
Pride Of Genre: Romance Cover Ballot 1999 January 2000
Franco Accornero, the Romance Artist We Can't Resist December 1999
Images We Can't Forget YTD Cover Nominations October 1999
Why Don't They Just Call It Fiction? An Attempt to Differentiate Contemporary Romance & Women's Fiction September 1999
Romance Paranormals: The Unmapped Interior August 1999
Romantic Video-DVD Covers & Movie Posters: They Use People, Don't They? July 1999
The Western June 1999
Special "Mini" May 1999
Regencies & Regency Historicals May 1999
Genre Blending: Romance as Hybrid April 1999
The Romance Hero March 1999
Debut Column February 1999
Carol Irvin, who also helped initiate our Pandora's Box feature, stopped writing the Cover Column in spring of 2000 and moved onto other pursuits wholly outside the romance novel industry. If you'd like to contact her, you may reach her at However, she has not continued to follow the models, artists, writers and so forth in the romance novel genre. Thus, she will not be able to help you with specific leads to those currently working inside the romance novel industry. She hopes you enjoy the articles she did write and and is glad that she was able to contribute to the genre.

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The Cover Controversy:

Part I 
Part II 
Part III 
Part IV  

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Link to Other Cover Discussions at AAR:

Radio Commentary first aired in February 2001 by CBC columnist Alan Neal in which LLB and romance industry insiders participated (realplayer audio and very fun to hear!)
For a focus on back covers from Issue #34 of Laurie's News & Views
Stef Ann Holm's Write Byte on Covers
Issue #35 of Laurie's News & Views
Issue #29 of Laurie's News & Views (features interview with cover artist Elaine Dulillo)
Issue #22 of Laurie's News & Views
Issue #6 of Laurie's News & Views

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