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Blythe Barnhill:

The results of our 2004 cover contest are in, and readers, authors, and cover enthusiasts have spoken in record numbers. Our winners are:
Winner in Historical Winner Two-Image Cover
Catching Katie Run No More
Winner in Contemporary Winner in Alternate Reality
Kitchen Witch In Camelot's Shadow
Winner in Series Winner Historical Series
Suddenly Married Her Guardian Knight
Rumor Has It

2004 Cover Ballot Committee:

  • Lisa Baca
  • Shelby Bagby
  • Blythe Barnhill
  • Marlene Breakfield
  • Marian Clough
  • Linnae Crady
  • Leanne Davis
  • Kellye Fergeson
  • Teresa Galloway
  • Ann Garland
  • Mary Alice Gibbons
  • Jenny Gustafsson
  • Jennifer Keirans
  • Elaine Lee
  • Tobi Liedes-Bell
  • Sandi Morris
  • Mary Lynne Nielsen
  • Rachel Potter
  • John Rothermel
  • Màili Ryan
  • Sharon Shearouse
  • Jo-Ann Walmsley
  • Karen Wheless

    Just a few notes about the contest and commentary: We had more participants than ever one and a half times the number of voters from last year. Thanks for your participation and your fabulous comments (which were truly an embarrassment of riches). Id also like to thank so many authors for participating; it's easy to argue that they have more at stake than anyone in cover trends. Ive quoted several authors throughout the column, but used only their first names, unless they are talking about their own covers. By the way, many authors who voted for their own covers seemed somewhat sheepish about it. No need for that; a good cover is to be celebrated even if its your own.

    Thanks again to the coverballot committee, and to all the readers who nominated covers and voted in the contest. We are already starting to work on next years contest, which will be hosted at its own website, The Cover Cafe.

    Please keep those nominations coming!

    The Cover Cafe

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