Newborn Baby for Christmas

Fiona Lowe
December 2012, Series Romance
Mills & Boon, $4.99, 192 pages

Grade: B
Sensuality: Warm

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There is something about the holidays that creates a desire in me to read books about children, especially young children. Maybe it is because for them, this time of year is so tremendously magical. Plus I can suspend belief a little more on fairy tale plots at Christmas, like the one in this book. Still, thanks to the author’s skill I found the book charming.

Dr. Georgina Lambert and Dr. Hamish Pettigrew have opposite personalities. Hamish is the Pied Piper of live for the moment, and Georgina always has a plan and a goal. Still their experiences in medical school, from the long, demanding hours spent studying, to the sharing of life and death experiences forged an unbreakable connection between them. Even though they were tempted once to see where the sexual attraction between them would go, they stepped back, both comprehending their dissimilar life goals. Georgina - or Georgie - can’t wait to marry and have a family, and Hamish is deathly averse to the thought of either. Women are in and out of his life.

Even separated by distance and ambitions over the years, their friendship has strengthened. But now Georgie is testing their bond by asking Hamish to do something that he has never wanted to do – father a child.

Georgie, having just gotten out of a long term relationship, knows she shouldn’t ask this of Hamish. But she is desperate for a baby and a family. She thought about using an unknown donor but is hesitant because while appearances are profiled, personality is not. She wants the father to be someone she knows and trusts. She promises Hamish that he doesn’t have to be a father. She has even drawn up legal paperwork, stating that he is a donor only.

Under duress Hamish agrees, but makes Georgie promise that his parents will never know that they have another grandchild. Plus he doesn’t want her to keep him apprised of the child’s activities. Georgie, grateful beyond belief, eagerly agrees to his terms and makes all the arrangements for the intra-uterine insemination.

After she becomes pregnant, Georgie is tempted to inform Hamish, but decides against it, believing he would interpret this as her breaking the rules. Through a series of mishaps she is left without a place to stay over Christmas, and since Hamish is out of the country, and she has carte blanche to his house, she decides to stay there. But the universe has a surprise for both.

I hadn’t planned on reading anymore medical romances because of my issues with the disregard of professional ethics. However that is not an issue in this book. Plus the medical scenarios appear thoroughly researched and are nicely incorporated into the story, increasing my respect for the author.

You know by now that strong, capable heroines appeal to me, and Georgie doesn’t disappoint. She is not gorgeous, and her self-esteem has taken some hits in the dating department, especially when she compares herself to the gorgeous women Hamish dates, but she is a competent and caring doctor, and she knows that she will bring those traits to motherhood. Although misguided, Hamish is just as appealing. Even though he appears happy and go-lucky, an incident from his past has clouded his perception, causing him to feel that he already failed in his ability to care for child.

Most of the eight-month pregnant women that I have been around haven’t talked about being considered a sexual goddess, emoting sexual pheromones and giving men irresistible carnal thoughts. They talk of swelling feet, tiredness, and eagerness for it to be over but to Hamish, Georgie is more gorgeous now than she has ever been. And he is hit with a wave of almost uncontainable lust -- which I hate to say seems a bit farfetched, but who doesn’t want to believe that her fecund body is arousing? Plus Ms. Lowe doesn’t miss a beat in using Georgie’s pregnancy to incorporate some creative sexual positions.

Simply put, I liked this story, with an appealing friend to lover scenario, and the noteworthy medical aspects.

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-- Leigh Davis

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