Jessica Andersen
November 2012, Paranormal Romance
Signet, $7.99, 448 pages, Amazon ASIN 0451238486
Part of a series

Grade: B-
Sensuality: Warm

Although this book could stand alone, it really needs to be read as a part of the series to be appreciated. If you have not read the other seven books in the Final Prophecy series, this is not the place to start. It would score much lower if it wasnít appreciated as a part of a whole.

Rabbit is the son of the only full-fledged Nightkeeper to have survived the Solstice Massacre almost thirty years ago. All his life, he has known that his origins were mysterious, but it isnít until the magic comes back online that he starts to understand just what he may be. As the prophecies of the end date come to the Night keepers, it seems more and more likely that it will be up to Rabbit to save the world with his mix of light and dark magic. He is the Crossover. But saving the world will depend on Rabbit controlling his heretofore uncontrollable power. As his lack of control has already cost him the love of his life, Rabbit isnít too optimistic.

Myrinne has been in love with Rabbit since the moment the two first spied each other across her abusive foster motherís shop. Though Rabbit and Myrinne have matured since then, Rabbitís most recent activities resulted in Myrinneís near death experience, the Nightkeeper mission was almost compromised, and Myrinne went from feeling secure with Rabbit to being terrified of him. In the midst of this, it will be hard for the two to work together. But the magic has other plans and only by working together can Rabbit be the savior of the world. The trick for Myrinne will be to work with Rabbit without falling back under his spell.

Although I canít say that I like Myrinne now, I think the best I can offer is that I donít hate her as much as I used to. Myrinneís foster mother was abusive rather than merely neglectful and of course learning this increased the sympathy that the reader could have for her as a character. However, with all the past that Rabbit and Myrinne had already had, I think that Andersen made an error. Rather than focusing this book on Myrinne and Rabbit with Anna and David as a subplot, Rabbit and Myrinne should have remained the subplot that they have been for the past 6 or so books and the story should have focused on Anna. There just wasnít enough drama left for Myrinne and Rabbit. As a result, the conflict had to be contrived. The seesaw of love him, scared of him, love him, donít trust him got tiresome very quickly.

Having said that, how could I still rate the book as high as I did? Easy. Myrinne and Rabbit are only a part of the plot and the story. The rest is the Nightkeepers story that has been building for the whole of the series, a secondary romance, Rabbitís relationship with his father coming to a head, and the future explained. This book does a wonderful job as a finale to a series. Most of the characters have some role and the loose ends are all tied. Andersen is a compelling and enjoyable author and had the book not had any romance in it I still would have enjoyed the story. While I had some problems with the final resolution and how it contradicted earlier books, I still thoroughly enjoyed the book and that has to count for a lot in the greater scheme of things.

Two romances, a greater story arc of saving the world, and a finale to a series is a lot to fit in one book. Is it reasonable to think that all of it will be achieved exactly the way a fan would like? Not really. Though there were things that disappointed me about this book, overall, it is still a strong addition to the Nightkeeper series and a must read for the fans.

-- Louise VanderVliet

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