Nanny for the Millionaire's Twins

Susan Meier
August 2012, Series Romance
Har Rom #4327, $4.99, 186 pages, Amazon ASIN 0373178239

Grade: B+
Sensuality: Kisses

I thought I knew what to expect. The laughing couple playing with twin babies on the cover sent a clear message to me; this is a sappy, sweet, light-hearted romance. Boy, was I wrong. This is a serious story about a couple in an incredibly difficult situation. Sure, there are babies, but thereís pain and real emotion. It touched me.

Sometimes we become so obsessed with our own problems that we fail to see how lucky we are until we encounter someone with serious problems. The author plays on this theme by introducing a hero who has held onto both old and new bitterness until heís unable to trust anyone. Itís only when he learns about the depth of the heroineís problems that he begins to change.

Chance Montgomery has moved back to his motherís estate with his six-month old twins. Chance left home years earlier after discovering the secrets his family was hiding. But when the woman he thought was the love of his life left him and then returned months later to abandon his children at his door, Chance decides to move home. Chance is still bitter and feels he canít trust anyone. Chance doesnít want the nanny his mother hired for him, but is clueless about his children. And truth be told, Tory Bingham doesnít want to work for him either.

Tory and her fiancť Jason were in a horrific motorcycle accident five years earlier. Tory nearly lost her leg, can only now walk while Jason remains in a coma. When not in rehabilitation or surgery, Tory has spent the last five years at Jasonís side. Toryís parents pushed her to take the job as nanny, encouraging her to get on with her life.

This isnít an easy, straightforward romance. Tory and Chance are in an incredibly difficult situation. While Tory lives in Chanceís home, and theyíre thrown together constantly, the specter of Jason is ever-present. The pain and awkwardness they feel is as real as their gradual, mutual attraction.

Iíll have to admit that I didnít care much for Chance in the beginning; heís so focused on past hurts that he canít recognize how much his family truly cares about him, how much theyíre willing to do for him. But itís these initial feelings that make his growth over the course of a short book all the more remarkable. In contrast, I liked Tory from the beginning and felt the pain she goes through trying to resolve her feelings about Jason and Chance.

Readers who hate children in romances will want to avoid this. The twins are featured prominently, providing a safe means for Tory and Chance to interact and get to know each other.

I gave a B- to the authorís Maid for the Millionaire, finding too much time spent inside the hero and heroineís heads. Thereís still a lot of time spent in Tory and Chanceís heads, but it seems to fit with the story and doesnít bother me.

This was an unexpected read. It captured my emotions so much so that I bawled reading the last 20 or so pages. I will definitely watch for future books by the author.

-- LinnieGayl Kimmel

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