Karen Marie Moning
2008, Urban Fantasy Romance
Delacorte, $23.00, 352 pages, Amazon ASIN 0385341636
Part of a series

Grade: B-
Sensuality: Warm

While I enjoy urban fantasy, Iím always aware that itís a genre that will often lack a HEA and is sometimes written in first person, something I can find annoying. Faefever has both of those characteristics, and, though I found reading it occasionally frustrating, I was captivated.

MacKayla Lane is a young Georgia woman who travels to Dublin to find answers to her sisterís unsolved murder. While there, she discovers a world she wished she never knew existed, filled with light and dark Fae. MacKayla also discovers that she and her sister, natural sisters adopted by Americans, are sidhe-seer, or ones who can see Ė and kill Ė the Fae when no one else can. She also has another special gift in that she can sense the Sinsar Dubh, an evil book of dark magic needed in the quest to keep the human and Fae worlds separate.

As she seeks to track the book as it leaves a trail of death in its wake, sheís caught in the crosshairs of two very powerful men, neither of whom she can trust or decipher. First, thereís Jericho Barrons Ė the man who provides her with a place to live and teaches her strategies that keep her alive. Second, thereís Vílane, a Fae and Seelie Prince. He wants and needs the evil book and MacKayla is not sure what heíll do to get it. There is also an attraction between the two and some incredible jealousy between the two men. However, the heroine is independent and calls on them only when she knows sheís in over her head.

The action of the story is compelling and unpredictable. Admittedly, I didnít like the heroine at first because of the cocky, first person narration, but she began to grow on me. Though this is the third in this series, it is easily a stand-alone, especially since it includes a useful glossary in the back of the book. Readers should also know that if the standard HEA is required, there isnít one here. As a matter of fact, Iím still not certain who is good or who will ultimately be the hero to the heroine. Also, in all fairness, I have to give a heads-up regarding a sex scene at the end of the story that made me extremely uncomfortable. I wouldnít describe it as violent, even though itís not consensual or with either of the two possible heroes and, since it ends the story, it left me angry.

Though I had problems with Faefever, I look forward to the next in this series since the momentum and unpredictability of the plot kept me intrigued. I just hope it comes to some form of happy conclusion soon.

-- Heather Brooks

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