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What the British say, and what they actually mean...
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 2:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Eliza wrote:
I think I remember reading somewhere that regarding sex, Americans are prudish whereas the English are inhibited. I have to say that the Americans that I've met anyway seem to take sex so very seriously - even casual one nighters are *serious* casual one nighters. We English are just happy enough to break out of our inhibitions long enough for a quick leg-over before we go back to our hot water bottles.

Tee hee about the water bottles. But much better said than I did all 'round. "Serious" is a great word in this context because I found Britain just more "at ease" on this topic.

I don't think we're really more "at ease" with the topic as such. As it's a bit of a challenge to have sex in a state of ironic detachment [or at least half decent sex], it makes us uncomfortable which is why we constantly take the piss out of it, and therefore by extension, ourselves. I think the UK is probably the only country where our menfolk cheerfully admit in public to being better at cracking jokes than shagging. Of course, they don't really mean it and, like all men the world over, would be extremely upset to think that you actually [gasp] took them at their word...

Eliza wrote:
How about "volume" or "intensity" or differing amounts of emotion as differences between the countries, with the US being the higher volume, emotional one, and perhaps the UK knowing when to speak or not, and how.

I think either your time in the UK has rubbed off on you and you actually mean "Hell no! We f**king awesome! USA! USA! USA!" but too polite to say so. Or else, you're a nice American, which just proves my theory. Ha ha - gotcha!
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