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Colorado Dreaming 4 is available at Reduced Price!

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angela claire

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 5:44 pm    Post subject: Colorado Dreaming 4 is available at Reduced Price! Reply with quote

The Doctor Takes a Mate is available for pre-order at:



Jack’s blue-green eyes stared down at her, and she could feel his erection throbbing against her thigh, but his talk of stopping when he was finally giving her what she wanted galvanized her. “No, don’t stop. I know what I want, but I don’t know how to get it. Tell me what to do.”

She ran her hands lightly along his bare shoulders and then buried her fingers in his hair while he kissed her and murmured to her.

“You don’t have to do anything. You’re already nice and wet for me, aren’t you my little angel? My little virgin angel…”

His fingers wandered up into her woman parts again, but slowly and gently now, so that by the time he’d worked one long finger into her passageway, he’d created some magic in the act. Her thighs fell farther open at his coaxing, and when a second finger joined the first, she felt full but not uncomfortable. Very, very not uncomfortable.

“Mmm,” she hummed.

“Do you like that?”


“Tell me you like it,” he whispered urgently. “Tell me you want my fingers up your pussy. That it feels good. Tell me.”

My, she was learning all sorts of new words. She guessed in the context, she could figure them out easy enough. “It feels good, Jack.” She was surprised how low and funny her voice sounded to her own ears. And she hadn’t even had any of the hard cider, as a matter of fact. She was drunk on him.

He kissed her full on the mouth, sucking her tongue in some kind of coordination with his fingers below, and she cried out at the sensation, clenching his shoulders as he loomed over her.

He slid his fingers out after a moment and massaged the moisture from between her legs into her nipple. She groaned at the feel of it as he bent his head and lapped at the feast he had created. He held her legs farther open as he lifted his head. “I can still stop. Tell me to stop, Skye.” In contrast to his words, he kissed the side of her neck slowly as he caressed the insides of her thighs, and she registered a poking below.

“Don’t stop.”

He took one hand to himself and slowly, gently worked an inch or two of his shaft into her. She stiffened, not sure whether she liked the sensation. Then that hot, hard penis slid in a little bit more, and she gasped. She decided. She liked it very, very much.

“Can you take more?” he asked, tentative.

Her “yes” was instantaneous.

“God, I have to remind myself you’re a virgin,” he groaned.

An alarming thought occurred to her, and eyes that were dreamy and half closed with the pleasure shot open. “Why? Don’t I feel like a virgin?”

His laugh sounded pained. “Yes, angel, you feel tight and hot, but since you’re a virgin, I should go slow.”

“What if I wasn’t?”

“If you weren’t,” he said, low and fierce, “I would ram my c_ck into you right now, like I want to, and f_ck you so hard—”

The pull toward him was so powerful that she surged up while her hands slid around to his bare buttocks and then tugged. “Yes, Jack, yes…do it!”

At her probably unwise encouragement, his body mindlessly obeyed.

He rammed into her, and she sucked in her breath at the sudden pain.

He was lodged up into her so far she could feel his hipbones against her own. She struggled initially, palms coming up to his muscular shoulders, but he had her pinned so tightly beneath him she didn’t make much leeway.

He slid his hands under her bottom to cup her and gently kissed the side of her neck. “God, I’m a sh_t. I’m sorry, Skye. I shouldn’t have done that. I was too rough again.”

His voice had more of a drawl under the effects of this mesmerizing sexual spell than it usually did, and he whispered endearments along her throat, her jaw, her cheeks, with his light kisses until she shivered with the pleasure of his petting and relaxed beneath him, despite the overwhelmingly full feeling.

“There. Is that better?” he whispered, and his hips began to move, slowly.

She nodded then gasped, and he laughed.

“Now comes the nice part.”
Angela Claire

Ellora's Cave Books at www.ellorascave.com/author/angela-claire

Siren Bookstrand books at http://www.bookstrand.com/angela-claire
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