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Lengthy Excerpt from Crimson Rose...

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 5:21 am    Post subject: Lengthy Excerpt from Crimson Rose... Reply with quote

Although the novel won't be released for a few months, I wanted to post another excerpt from Crimson Rose; this time, it's a lengthy one. Hopefully you readers will find it intriguing... This is essentially a rough draft, not quite polished yet, but I still believe that it's good. It has not been touched by an editor. Thanks for reading. -R. Malone
She had asked him why he was in the town square in the dead of night; he asked her the very same. She noticed his attractive German accent as he spoke, along with the beguiling blonde of his hair and the unusual paleness of his eyes. It was love at first sight, at least for her. He told her he was a vampire, and she laughed it off. Then she demanded that he prove it. Stefan flashed her his elongated canines, as though showing them off out of a sense of pride. She subsequently pleaded for him to turn her into a creature of the night. She had not realized the disastrous ramifications of what she was asking. Aside from her curiosity to see what would befall her if he bit her, Gabriella merely wished for the feel of his full lips against her neck, and the heated arousal she knew she'd feel once he penetrated her skin with his fangs...

After a lengthy bout of pleading, he finally obliged with her wishes. Odd, but pleasant tingling sensations invaded her lower abdomen as he held her tightly in his arms, then smoothed the strands of blonde away from her neck. She arched her neck to the side and allowed him to cradle her head in his hand. Then he roughly pierced the skin of her neck with his teeth, and it was quite painful. She had bit down on her crimson lip and stifled a scream of pain. She had not expected the pain to be so excruciating. After piercing her neck, however, he was not finished. He greedily began to draw the blood into his mouth and throat, although he had already recently fed. Gabriella moaned in protest, and began to shove him away from her.

"Stop it," she had demanded, and he finally tore his lips away from her neck. "Now you have to turn me into one." Stefan briefly eyed her, then he spoke.

"Bite me," he muttered. She stared at him incredulously.

"Bite you?" she echoed in perplexity.

"Yes; bite me," he demanded more sternly. She scoffed, but then had a change of heart. She lunged toward him with her lips widely parted. Before sinking her teeth into his chilled flesh, however, she took advantage of the moment and sucked on his neck between frenzied kisses. He nudged her away.

"What are you doing?" he curtly asked, as she stood before him with embarrassment etched upon her face.

"I'm--I'm--nothing. I wasn't doing anything," she muttered in humiliation, then averted her gaze toward the ground. Shortly thereafter, her humiliation was replaced by something vastly different. The taste of blood was embellished upon her lips, after she had so harshly sucked on his neck and brought the blood near his skin. She licked her lips, and the taste was sweet... She wanted more.

She leaned toward him, and invaded the skin of his neck with her teeth. As she bit into him, he emitted soft groans of pain and winced. She eagerly drew his blood beyond her scarlet lips and into the further recesses of her throat. From that moment on, Gabriella Nelson no longer existed, she was replaced by something else; something with senses as sharp as an animal's, and a distinct hunger that could rarely be sated. She would be his companion for eternity, or so she had thought... For once Stefan's pallid eyes beheld the image of Rose Litchford, he had figuratively tossed Gabriella to the side, but only after he used her to cure his loneliness due to the vampirism.

As she presently strolled through the corridor toward the atrium, Gabriella's disturbing memories began to dissipate from her mind. She focused on the imminent discussion she was going to have with Stefan. After exiting the corridor that led to the maid's quarters, Gabriella proceeded through the massive atrium toward the next corridor. Although each hallway and room was enveloped in darkness, her softly glowing eyes could easily navigate her toward Stefan's bedroom.
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