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A novel regarding the deepest depths of romantic obsession..

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:05 pm    Post subject: A novel regarding the deepest depths of romantic obsession.. Reply with quote

Crimson Rose explores the deepest depths of romantic obsession... As Rose Litchford soon discovers. She ultimately finds that she has been stalked for months... Or perhaps even years, by the darkly elusive figure of a menacing vampire. Eventually, he emerges from the darkness to capture her...

Excerpt: As he hovered menacingly over her, his lips parted slightly; exposing the fiercely sharp edges of his pallid fangs. While mired in stunned fascination, Rose hesitantly raised her fingers toward his partially exposed teeth, and he allowed her to glide her forefinger across the razor-sharp edge of his right fang. As she lingered below him and gazed upward at his teeth in enthrallment, he abruptly closed his lips with her finger inside his mouth.

The first chapter of my third novel, Crimson Rose, can be read by visiting the website link...

The Southern Bloodlines Saga

Southern Bloodlines and Hushed Whispers are two novels in my new romance mini-series, and will be available for purchase before the 2009 holiday season. These two novels are not paranormal; I write in a variety of sub-genres, as long as romance is in the equation.

Southern Bloodlines~The First Novel

Lance inched closer to her on the sofa as he whispered in awe, "I just don't know what it is about you; I guess--you're just beautiful," he finally admitted to her with a new longing in his azure eyes. Cody shyly averted her gaze downward after hearing Lance's seemingly unbelievable compliment to her.

"Th--thanks," she nervously faltered in reply, but without returning her gaze to his eyes; however, somehow she knew that his topaz hued eyes were burning straight into her with an undeniably newfound fire.

As an impoverished, shy and socially awkward teenager, Cody Carter has trouble forging friendships; let alone romantic relationships. Nevertheless, she finds a married doctor quite alluring, including but not limited to his sexy southern drawl. However, once he leaves for Texas, his wife’s life is suddenly ripped from him during a tragic auto accident; and he never fully recovers from her untimely death. The subsequent, everlasting shockwaves would ultimately follow him for the remainder of his life; while Cody eagerly joins him for the ride... Thrust from a life of poverty into a life of privilege, Cody ultimately learns that, indeed, money certainly doesn't buy happiness... Although true love eternally perseveres.

Southern Bloodlines is the first novel in a two-part series that explores the explosive saga of the Dallas family. Southern Bloodlines contains intriguing elements of mystery and suspense, in addition to romance.

Hushed Whispers~The Sequel to Southern Bloodlines

"Does my son make you feel like this?" Preston Sr. whispered seductively into her ear after he lightly kissed her temple. Then he momentarily paused to await her answer.

"N--no; he doesn't," Tiana breathlessly whispered in reply to his inquisition. Then he leaned forward once more, as Tiana's knees suddenly became completely numb.

Three years after enduring a horrifying ransom attempt at the age of thirteen, Tiana Dallas coasts through a recent string of bad behaviors. During an explosive confrontation of fury, her father finally forces her into therapy. Once she grudgingly begins therapy, she soon discovers she has more in common with her therapist than previously thought... And the hauntingly beautiful Tiana promptly finds herself immensely infatuated with her psychologist. Dr. Kingsley is young, blonde and incredibly handsome. However, Tiana is already bound to his son... Through callously using his son, Tiana tenaciously attempts to use her irresistible bait to persuade his father into a romantic relationship... Ultimately, she soon discovers the error in her failure to heed the following proverbial warning: be careful what you wish for...

Hushed Whispers has elements of suspense, in addition to romance. Check out my website; keywords R. Malone novels. Sorry, the link I posted before didn't work for my website.

Thanks for reading!

R. Malone Smile
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