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Trish B

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:40 pm    Post subject: Juliana Gray's A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS Reply with quote

I agree with Jane's review (B+) of Juliana Gray's second book in her trilogy about three ladies and three gentlemen who wind up sharing the same rented castle in 1890's Tuscany. I enjoyed book one very much and the same holds true for book two. The writing is crisp, at times breezy, witty and poignant. The story is (for the most part) believable with real issues to be overcome. As the review says, there are really two love stories developing in the book - the h/h and the hero, Roland, and the heroine (Lillibet)'s son, Phillip. I loved Phillip's character - not cutesy saccarine nor obnoxious brat, he seemed realistic and fully developed. I loved how Roland would call him "old boy" or "old man" like he would any other man of his acquaintance!

I have been very pleasantly pleased with this series and look forward to book three about the pompous Duke of Wallingford who more than meets his match in free spirited Abigail. Can't wait!
Later that night, still 1789!
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I just finished AGNT today. I semi-read the previous book (A Lady Never Lies) and had a hard time getting into it for some reason. I think part of it was that there was too much going on, as there were several "pairings".

Anyway, though, I had AGNT at hand and figured I'd give it a whirl. I liked this one much better than ALNL! Enough that I thought I'd post in this thread rather than in the Recently Read thread.

First, I was really impressed with the author's ability to blend this story in with the previous one, as they take place during the same time period. This means that in some cases, you read about the same event, only in the first book it's experienced from Burke's POV and in AGNT it's experienced from Roland's POV. Pretty cool.

Also, AGNT--well, Roland, to be specific--was quite funny. The whole scene in which Roland is in Burke's workshop, and Burke is trying to shoo him out, had me chuckling.

Did I mention that Juliana Gray really has a flair for witty, elegant language?

Funny thing is, this book has a lot of stuff I might not overlook in a less well written book. Like, the idea that the hero had been faithful to the heroine--even though she was married to another man--for 7 (I think 7) years? Really? And the idea that when they meet up again, years later, and she believes he's slept with untold numbers of women over the years, she willingly has a quickie with him, leading to a pregnancy, so the plot thickens, etc.?


Plus, I usually don't care for stories where the H/h are in love and it's just a matter of overcoming external obstacles to reach the HEA. Moreover, I found the heroine here, Lilibet, to be pretty forgettable, as heroines go. This is Roland's book; Lilibet is kind of along for the ride.

Despite all that, the writing was so strong, and Roland was so witty, I still enjoyed the book.

A for great writing and wit
B- for tropes I don't care for and having to suspend so so much disbelief
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