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Westmore: Broken Ties

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:22 pm    Post subject: Westmore: Broken Ties Reply with quote

In the third installment of the Westmore series, relationships and family bonds are tested. Plus, a deep dark secret threatens to destroy one family.

Whose relationship will survive? And whose will come to an end? Find out in Westmore: Broken Ties.


Together Zoey and Jack stood in silence as Peter stared a hole through them, he came back to get his textbook, but instead found more than he bargained for. The sight stunned him; his brother had his arms wrapped around his girlfriend after planting a kiss on her. At the moment he couldn’t stomach either of them. He walked to the table to get his book, his back turned to the couple.
“Peter, please let me explain,” Jack broke his silence.
“Go ahead. I’d like to know why my girlfriend’s playing tonsil hockey with my brother.” His face flushed with anger.
“It was an accident,” Zoey declared.
“An accident, if it was you would’ve backed away, but no, you joined in on the action.” He turned his hatred back to his brother. “And you, you’re my family, and you betray me.” His bottom lip trembled. “So was this your plan all along? Get my girl to work for you, and take advantage of her.”
“It’s not like that,” Jack protested as he tried to calm his brother.
Peter unable to stand the sight of Jack and unwilling to listen to his explanation turned away from him and stuck his sociology book in his backpack.
“You’ve got to listen to me.” He grabbed Peter’s shoulder and was met with a punch to the face that sent him careening to the ground.
Zoey knelt on the floor beside Jack and held him in her arms as she examined him, then she glanced up at Peter who looked at her with disgust.
“You two deserve each other.” He slung his bag over his shoulder and kicked a chair as he stormed out of the bar.

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