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What I Did For a Duke Julie Ann Long
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Susan/DC wrote:

I haven't read the Julie Long book in question, but wasn't the hero roughly twice her age? Did he think of the consequences? Was he prepared to marry her? I know we tend to think of young people of both genders and males of any age as swept away by their hormones, but shouldn't an almost middle-aged duke be mature enough to have better impulse control? As I said, I'm just projecting from the comments here, so I may be mistaken in this characterization.

Moncrieff was more than prepared to marry Genevieve. He wanted very much for her to see him as husband material. The problem was that Genevieve was fixated on marrying Harry, whom she thought she loved. If I'm remembering right, Moncrieff mainly went along with her view of their relationship as a fling because he hoped she'd come to realize that he was the man for her.

ETA: He's probably my favorite of Long's heroes. I saw him as definitely mature (especially in contrast with Harry) but also wily and smart enough to bide his time and wait for Genevieve to open her eyes to what they had.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

JulieLeto wrote:

Authors today have to write in today's language. If they don't, readers won't understand. I mean, think of the medieval romances. They didn't even speak the type of English we speak today. I think the use of relatively modern language--while leaving out anything that is clearly out of place like an iPhone or electricity--is acceptable.

I am a complete opposite. I will take a Heyer over a Hoyt or Milan any day. When the modern romance authors write in modern language (as you say, exactly the same as today's language just omitting references to iPhones and such) and also describe behaviours [of heroines] that are nothing short of young women's behaviors of today, I just feel so frustrated and think, 'Why bother with the historical setting at all? Why not write a contemp romance instead?'

When I first read Pride and Prejudice about 30 years ago (English is not my first language), I was amazed at how easy it read and how much humor was in it, how utterly enjoyable it was (at the same time I am to this day not able to finish Gone with the Wind written in 1932, the language is so obsolete to me, I could not plough through).

On the whole I noticed that in historical romance I prefer traditional Regencies because in them the language is more like the language of that era and the behaviors described ring truer of the era than pretty much anything written today outside a convenience marriage plot. E.g The Country Gentleman by Fiona Hill or Lady Elizabeth's Comet by Sheila Simonson (S. Simonson even stuck to the correct spelling which I appreciated very much. Coming across a word like "favor" in a Balogh or other historical romance author, for instance, always gives me a pause).

But I totally understand that different strokes for different folks and there are a lot of people who share your view, Julie.
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