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HELP!! Book Name & Author....

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:34 am    Post subject: HELP!! Book Name & Author.... Reply with quote

somebody looking for these two books


the hero work in construction and travel around because of it and hes the big brother of the family, and its his job that supports the family, i think the hero has a load of brothers and im pretty sure he looks after and helps other kids and at the being of the book he gets hurt

the heroine has a famous father in the music business.. i think she into music to .. cant remember if she sings or plays instruments or both.. i do that she can play the giutar..

the heroine might be married and the ex-husbands asbusive, im pretty sure hes controlling her and i think trying the make money off because of her music or something like that and im pretty sure the herione lives a mansion thats hers, which was her fathers.

i do know she runs away with an younger girl (might be 16-1Cool who is sister to ex-husband and i think she runs away because hes guna kill her or something like that (not really sure about that)and is bein hunted by the ex-husband and PIs aswell

the heroine and the girl end up in small town and lives arcoss of the heros family. i think the girl and one of the boys of the heros family end up friends and i think the heroine looks after the family so when the hero hurts himself and he ha to come home and heal i think the heroine end up looking after him too

i do know the heroin changed her name to hide from the exhusband.

the heroine and the hero fall in love .. but i think the hero is unsure of her because he knows nothing about her.

i do remember at some point they have a fight .. and i think she has a fight with the sister and it makes her leave the sister with hero, with a note maybe telling him to look after... then for some reason goes back to the husband

cant remember anymore ... so i hope this helps??


Re: Looking for the name of a book

Guys please help me out !!!!
Okay I cant remember the title I think it released last year ....I think it was Erotic Fiction but I can only remember bits and pieces
What I remember...
1. the h is the best friend of the sister of the H ( he is older than the h)
2. H in a flash back takes h's virginity and doesnt know( b/c he was drunk ) that h has his child.
3. I think it takes place in australia. help me find the title of this book
4.There is a wedding involved

I believe it is Erotic Fiction. Ebook maybe? He takes her virginity in a flashback before the story resumes and we are back at the sister's wedding I think. he always treated her like a little sister..and she mets him in the flash back in sydney and he gets drunk and years later he doesnt know that he has a little girl
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