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Losing Arabella - Historical Romance

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:27 pm    Post subject: Losing Arabella - Historical Romance Reply with quote

Please find below an excerpt from my latest novel which is now available on Amazon Kindle, thanks for looking and hope you enjoy!


Losing Arabella by Claire Blaney
©: 2006 Claire Blaney

Years after they were cruelly separated, Arabella Fortesque and Mark de la Haye are once more thrown together. Long suppressed feelings are instantly re-ignited but will their love prevail? Or will the gentleman's rakish past and the lady's determination to remain aloof keep them apart once more?

Set against the colourful background of Regency society this is a tale of love, lust, revenge and a desperate search for redemption.

Free taster below:

“Why did you do it Bella?” he rasped “Fortesque was richer at the time to be sure, but I didn't think such things would weigh with you, you never struck me as the mercenary type.” He gave a harsh laugh at her silence. “You are a mere flesh and blood woman after all then. It is my own fault for putting you on a pedestal I suppose.”

“I trusted you but you're just like the rest.” Bella's voice became high and harsh. “You were the one who was supposed to believe in me, understand that I was forced into it. I wrote to you begging for help, yet you didn't even respond! What was I supposed to do? Stay locked in my room for the rest of my life? Retire to a convent?”

“If necessary” Mark stormed “I certainly wouldn't have considered my own comfort above your love, I would have died before betraying you Arabella.”

Even as the words passed his lips he knew he was being unfair, but then another thought struck him. “I didn't receive any letters from you.”

Colour flooded the lady's pale complexion. “Well I'm not spinning any Banbury Tales if that is what you are suggesting?”

“I tell you I didn't receive any correspondence from you, none at all.”

“And I am telling you sir that I sent it!” she furiously flicked back her dark curls. “Whether you received my letter or not, you should still have come to my aid.”

“Why?” he asked in amazement “I didn't have the slightest idea that you were in trouble! At first I thought you were patiently awaiting my return and then I believed you happily married to the man of your choice. It certainly wasn't my inclination to pursue a fickle heart!”

“Oh no! Heaven forbid you swallow your pride!”

The years of anger and disappointment were at last unleashed, tears flooded Bella's face. Irrational it may be, but at that moment she knew there was a part of her that believed Mark had failed them both by letting go so easily.

“You blame me” he stated hollowly.

The moment stretched out between them as they stared deep into each others accusing eyes, desperate to hurt as they had been hurt themselves.

“You could have saved me from so much misery” she managed at last.

He gave another mirthless laugh. “Yes I daresay you wished me to put a bullet through your husband's black heart, but you made your bed...”

“No you are wrong Mr de la Haye” Bella fumed. “What I wished was for you to go to the devil!”

On furious impulse Mark leant forward and pulled her into a rough embrace, his anger almost instantly turning to passion as he inhaled her sweet intoxicating scent. His arms banded around her tiny waist, his mouth possessing hers as his tongue parted those soft lips, probing, stoking her to a spiral of scorching longing. Bella's arms wrapped hard around his neck, knotting in his thick hair and pulling him all the closer, drawing them both against the rough bark of the ancient oak tree – a small moan escaping as she felt the hard response of his desire move against her and his lips tracing the line of her pale neck.

“I am lost indeed” she thought, gasping for air and reason.
Claire Blaney
Losing Arabella
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