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I need help finding this indian romance book!!

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:24 pm    Post subject: I need help finding this indian romance book!! Reply with quote

I read a book roughly 8 years ago. I can not remember the author or tittle. Though I do know it was not based on a true story. It was a story about a little native american girl. In the begining her and her mother get taken by a rivalry tribe who come and steall some of the women and children that were picking berrys. The man that took the young girl and the mom far into the mountains where he beat and took advantage of the mother wich gave her daughter a chance to escape and hide. He doesnt find the girl so he takes the mom. The daughter tries to find her way back but is far in the mountains and a terrible storm comes which makes her look for shelter in this cave on the mountain side. While she is soaking wet and freezing in the cave she sees a wolf with pups. The pups come and lay on her and keep her warm through the stormy night. In the morning the sun is out and she goes down to the open grass field were the pups all go and run around and play in the grass. Meanwhile her tribe, her father [who mightve been chief cant remember] all the warriors including a young warior who would come to earn his name bear paw, were searching the mountain for her. She starts trying to find her way home and crosses a river where she doesnt see at first is a big bear. The big bear runs after her and a pack of wolves saves her and one is killed. [the mother wolf also gives her a pup at some point]The young boy ends up finding her and she tells him that she has to take the wolf paws. The wolf told her in some way [she has some spiritual connection to the wolves]. She comes to use the paws as her sacred medicine pouch. Her and this young warrior like eachother. They have some connection since he found her. She is still young so she cannot wed for sometime. Another warrior who also has always had his eye on her is not a good guy. He wants to marry the young girl so the men fight to win the fathers approval over the years. The young girl is special to the tribe. She ends up having to go stay with white settlers [christians] that were traveling across the land. because they wanted to try and teach the natives there ways and the natives wanted to learn more about these people. She has to stay with them for a period of 5 to ten years.They will not let her stay with her dog he must stay outside. And over this time the people her grandma passes away. The white familys son falls in love with her but the girls heart belongs to bear paw who she marries when she returns to her tribe. She becomes the spiritual leader of her people because she had this special connection to the wolves. Her and bear paw tried to have kids and could not understand why she was not able to concieve. She has a vision which makes her understand its because of her spiritual connection. They end up dying much latter in life by the white men who chase their people over the mountain were they try to take cover. I cant remember exactly how they die but bearpaw is injured and dies first. Anybody know what it is???
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Could it be " Song of the Wolf" by Rosanne Bittner. Here's a link at Amazon.com:

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