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The So-Called Right to Bear Arms
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

LisaW wrote:
KarenS wrote:

It is quite historical having Obama as the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party so we are making great strides. Hopefully, he will be our next President. That will be even more of a magnitude when a person's intellect, talent, accomplishments and character matter more than skin color.


At least you seem to understand the importance of voting for a person's intellect, talent, accomplishments and character instead of skin color.


More than anything, America needs a Renaissance. We need change and we need to head in a new direction if we are to keep up with the rest of the world. We need new ideas and innovation. The Republican Party is the party of the status-quo where everything is just hunky-dory. You may agree with them. Maybe, life is good for you. But for many Americans, they are struggling to make ends meet, have a decent quality of life and feel confident about the future.

Saying "I'll bring change" and not giving examples doesn't mean there will be change. Saying "I'll bring change" and then talk about how what you will do is what has been done whenever your party has been in the majority but seems not to accomplish much ...

Well, the Democratic Party has only given us Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the VA program and unemployment compensation for those who lose their jobs. The New Deal and the Great Society occurred under two Democratic Presidents who knew the way to strengthen America was to bring about a strong middle class through entitlement programs that would give a hand up not a hand out. The Democratic Party has always stood for the middle class in this country so unless you belong to the upper class--rich and very rich--you have and will continue to benefit from these programs. You can always turn down these entitlement programs if you feel the Democratic Party doesn't do anything to make your life better. When these programs were passed, those opposing passage called themselves conservatives as they didn't want to see aid given to the great unwashed masses. Again, if you're rich you don't need them anyway.

If you think "taxing the rich" when "the rich" are those making $200k or more (no, those are the guys out there, generally self-employed, trying to create jobs here in the US), is going to be change ... you're wrong. Per the Dept of Treasury's own site, 86% of all federal taxes are paid by the top 25% of wage earners. The top 50% pay 97% of all taxes. The top 1% of earners pay 39% of all Federal Taxes. The bottom 50% of earners pay about 3% of all Federal Taxes.

Key word here is wage earners. Who works for a living? The middle class regardless of where you fall into its range which pretty much covers 99% of us. Then you have the other 1% which is the upper class that doesn't work for a living. These 1 percenters are the ones who control around 50% of the wealth in our country. These are the mega-wealthy who own 10 homes like John McCain, own their own mega-yacht, jet and all the other toys rich people get to play with. Someone earning $200,000.00 annually is only upper middle class not upper class, i.e. rich. I tell people if they are not worth at least $20 million what the f**k are they doing voting Republican. The folks Obama wants to tax are those who pay very little income tax like Warren Buffet who wonders why his secretary pays more than he does. Also 2/3 of most corporations pay no taxes whatsoever. The 1% that does not pay can pay and should pay. Those are the folks Obama wants to tax who certainly can pay their fair share.

[quote]That lovely rallying cry "The Republicans only wnat tax breaks for the RICH!" is nonsense, since the tax cuts were across the board. What wasn't done was to give more money back to those who weren't paying any taxes at all.[ /quote]

The rich have certainly benefited from Bush's tax cuts. It hasn't been us middle class folks. Listen to who the pundits are talking about. It's not you or me.

The US Government can't even handle itself well. The IRS seems to have lost some huge amount of collected money ... and don't know where it went. When the government asks for quotes for prices, we all laughed at the $500 toilet seats and $200 hammers ... but when companies have to follow the government rules (not for safety but for packaging!!!!), the prices go up. The government does not produce more jobs, more economy by taxing.

The money is going out of the country in planes headed for Dubai, Iraq and where ever else. That money is being taken out of our country deliberately.

But, well, if the change you want is even less money coming into your home from your hard work ....

I haven't worked in 19 years as I have been fortunate to be a stay-at home Mom. Now that my youngest is a senior in high school, I will be returning to work to pay for college, cars, insurance, etc. My husband is paid very well and pays his fair share of taxes. He pays in more than most people earn. We don't begrudge the government its due.
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