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Jessica Sims: Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter (SPOILERS)

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:42 am    Post subject: Jessica Sims: Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter (SPOILERS) Reply with quote

I'm pulling this out of the previous "Recently Read" thread as it's relevant to one of today's (01/18/13) featured reviews.

Possible spoilers, I guess...


Jessica Sims: Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter

Grade: B- (The minus is for some annoying continuity gaffes and some questionable grammar and vocabulary choices.)

As I posted previously, this story is light-years better, IMO, than Sims' Beauty Dates the Beast. It's actually a fun, light read--great for those days when you're under the weather at home and just want a straightforward romance that won't tax your brain cells.

Sara (sister of Bathsheba, whose story is told in the previous book) tells the story, and I really enjoyed her POV. Once human, now werewolf (against her will), she struggles to come to terms with her new "animal" nature. And she lets us know just how hard that can be:

"I ran through the woods [in wolf form] for an hour or two, until the wolf in me was so tired that I could barely think. To my shame, I ate a squirrel and rolled in some animal's crap in the woods."

See, these are the things you don't hear about with other shapeshifter books!

And believe me, the redneck werewolf pack in this book are a far cry from Nalini Singh's Snowdancers. If you loved Hawk Snow et al., wait until you meet the odious and obnoxious Levi, Maynard, and the rest of the Anderson clan. I enjoyed the contrast between these wolves and the complex and noble wolves of Singh's world.

On the other hand, also be prepared to hear Sara tell us ad nauseum how immense and big and enormous the hero, Ramsey, is. And how he talks in a low rumble. Note to author: After the first 10 or so times Sara mentioned how immense Ramsey was, and how he talked in a deep, low rumble, we got it. No need to keep reminding us. Same goes with Sara's cheek chewing--we get that she does that when she's trying to hold back. Can't you think of some other way to express her distress? Variety is the spice of life, yo.

The world-building aspect here is kind of sloppy to me. Sara's world includes were-animals of all types, fairies, vampires, and harpies. Huh? And the rules sometimes seem like they're being explained/made up on the fly.

Also, prepare for continuity gaffes. For example, in one scene, she says, "I made it to the bedroom, slipped out of my jeans and shoes, and fell into the bed." But when the hero joins her a little while later, she says, "...I caught his hand and forced it to my jeans-clad hip."

Finally--and this is a nitpick--how come Sara and Bath talk in contemporary language, while Ramsey (who has lived with the Russells since he was 15) still talks in a slightly weird quaint fashion (e.g., "Why do you wish to be with me?" instead of "Why do you want to be with me?")

All in all, the book had its problems but was still a fun and interesting read. I'd give the story itself a "B" but must tack on the "minus" for the issues I mentioned above.

ETA: If you have not read the first book in the series (Beauty Dates the Beast), I recommend that you skip that one and read this one first.
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