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Barnes & Noble vs Amazon
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Linda in sw va wrote:

Sad and uninteresting both. Crying or Very sad I heard that B&N was trying to venture into toys, kids parties, etc in an effort to try and salvage things. I can't imagine myself enjoying coffee and a book next to a table of partying kids with mother's yelling...Don't eat that off the floor, leave the nice woman alone, LOL! Please don't turn B&N into Chuckie Cheese, haha. I don't see that as the answer but what do I know.

When I drive to town I used to be able to choose from Walden's books (bought many a romance there), BooksAMillion and Barnes and Noble. B&N is the only one of them remaining. There are two colleges nearby and the kids like to come and sip coffee and study in the cafe, I'm sure that's helped them some.


Yes...we don't want performing mechanical animals taking over B&N! LOL, although they may try anything to try to save it. I really miss the Waldenbooks in our mall. An older man worked there who knew the romance department like they were his own books. He was really creepy (he would sneak up on me and practically whisper in my ear..."Finding anything good to read???"...ewww) but it was nice going in there and not being judged on buying romance. Sadly, they have been gone for several years.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I watched a business show analyzing Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

They said that a battle for market share is going on not only in books but as marketplaces in general. The players included Amazon, Walmart and Google (who is now offering ebooks) . Kobo wasn't mentioned but I see the Japanese have now bought into it . Google is also selling ebooks and I intent to download their app. Perhaps competition and more authors self- publishing will bring down the prices and mean more money for the authors.

All the players except B and N are worth several billion dollars and want to sell us much more than books and movies over the internet. IT is David fighting Goliath in my mind.

B and N is worth about 800 million, Google, Amazon and Walmart are worth billions. The experts thought B and N was doing what Kodak did. (Kodak announced bankruptcy after I posted. Cellphone pics and electronic camera photos decimated their processing business. ) Both tried to save today's business model and products by selling off the future- the Nook, they felt, was the future of Barnes and Noble but it is up for sale (maybe?)

I love my nook but I have a kindle app on my computer.
When the agency publishers stopped allowing the coupons etc, I decided to buy my books much more carefully and not replace many I had on my shelves unless they were on sale or I knew I would continue to reread them.
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