Featured here are romances dealing with addictions of various types: alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping. The heroes and heroines in these stories may be in the throes of addiction or in recovery.

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Regency Romances
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Medieval Romances

  • Rose of Rapture (1984) by Rebecca Brandewyne - Isabella Ashley Tremayne is addicted to poppy seed.
  • Scoundrel's Kiss (2010) by Carrie Lofty - Ada is addicted to opium.
  • Secret Thunder (1997) by Patricia Ryan - Luke de Perigueux is addicted to catnip.
  • My Lord de Burgh (2000) by Deborah Simmons - HH-533 - Stephen de Burgh is an alcoholic.

Regency Romances

  • Dancing with Clara (1994) by Mary Balogh - Frederick Sullivan is addicted to alcohol, gambling, and prostitutes
  • A Chance Encounter (1991) by Gail Buck - Lord Humphrey Dewesbury is an alcoholic.
  • Reclaiming Lord Rockleigh (2001) by Nancy Butler - Lord Rockleigh Conniston abuses alcohol and opium.
  • Valentine's Change of Heart (2003) by Elisabeth Fairchild - Valentine Wharton is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Coup de Grace (1996) by Emma Jensen - Rafael Marlowe is an alcoholic.
  • Libby's London Merchant (1991) by Carla Kelly - Benedict Nesbitt, Duke of Knaresborough, is an alcoholic.
  • One Good Turn (2001) by Carla Kelly - Benedict Nesbitt, Duke of Knaresborough, is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Reforming Lord Ragsdale (1995) by Carla Kelly - Lord Ragsdale abuses alcohol.
  • The Rake and the Reformer (1989) by Mary Jo Putney - Reginald Davenport is an alcoholic.
  • Lady Elizabeth's Comet (1985) by Sheila Simonson - Thomas Conway, Earl of Clanross has a laudanum addiction.

European Historical Romances

  • Midnight Angel (2003) by Julie Beard - Hugh Montgomery is addicted to opium.
  • Lady Beware (2007) by Jo Beverley - Lord Darius Debenham is an opium addict still going through withdrawal.
  • To Rescue a Rogue (2006) by Jo Beverley - Lord Darius Debenham is an opium addict undergoing witdrawal.
  • Bliss (1995) by Judy Cuevas - Nardi de Saint Vallier abuses ether and other substances.
  • Starlit Surrender (1988) by Judy Cuevas - Adrian Hunt, Earl of Kewischester has a history of alcohol and opium abuse.
  • Checkmate (1975) by Dorothy Dunnett - Francis Crawford of Lymond is an opium addict.
  • Vixen (1994) by Jane Feather - Sir Hugo Lattimer is an alcoholic.
  • Addicted (2009) by Charlotte Featherstone - Lindsay Markham is addicted to opium.
  • One Night of Sin (2005) by Gaelen Foley - Lord Alec Knight has a gambling addiction.
  • Naughty or Nice (2004) by Melanie George - Lucien Kendall is addicted to opium.
  • With Seduction in Mind (2009) by Laura Lee Guhrke - Sebastian Grant, Earl of Avermore, is a recovering drug addict.
  • The Rake (1998) by Mary Jo Putney - Reginald Davenport is an alcoholic.
  • His Secret Duchess (1997) by Gayle Wilson - Nick Stanton, Duke of Vail is a recovering opium addict.

American Historical/Frontier Romances

  • A Candle in the Dark (1993) by Megan Chance - Cain D'Alessandro is an alcoholic.
  • A Light in the Darkness (1998) by Ellen Fisher - Edward Greyson is an alcoholic.
  • Nate (2002) by Lori Handeland - Nate Lang is an alcoholic.
  • Allie's Moon (2000) by Alexis Harrington - Jefferson Hicks is an alcoholic.
  • Darling Jack (1996) by Mary McBride - HH-323 - Jack Hazard is an alcoholic.
  • The Wives of Bowie Stone (1994) by Maggie Osborne - Rosie Mulvehey is an alcoholic.
  • Still Life with Murder (2003) by P.B. Ryan - Will Hewitt is an opium fiend.

Contemporary Romances

  • My Name Is Nell (10/2003) by Laura Abbot - HSR-1162 - Nell Porter is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Baby Love (1999) by Catherine Anderson - Rafe Kendrick is an alcoholic.
  • Embraced by Love (1995) by Suzanne Brockmann - Josie Taylor is a workaholic.
  • Force of Nature (2007) by Suzanne Brockmann - Robin Chadwick is an alcoholic.
  • Frisco's Kid (1/1997) by Suzanne Brockmann - Alan "Frisco" Francisco abuses alcohol.
  • Heart Throb (1999) by Suzanne Brockmann - Jericho Beaumont is an alcoholic.
  • The Perfect Victim (2002) by Linda Castillo - Randall Talbot is a borderline alcoholic.
  • The Conspiracy (2001) by Jasmine Cresswell - Verity Marlowe is an alcoholic.
  • He Loves Lucy (2005) by Susan Donovan - Lucy Cummingham is addicted to food.
  • But That Was Yesterday (10/1988) by Kathleen Eagle - SIM-257 - Sage Parker is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Reason to Believe (1995) by Kathleen Eagle - Ben Pipestone is an alcoholic.
  • What the Heart Knows (1999) by Kathleen Eagle - Helen Ketterling is a recovering gambling addict.
  • One Love (1999) by Lynn Emery - Lanessa Thomas is a recovering alcoholic.
  • I Shocked the Sheriff (5/1990) by Mara Fox - HT-982 - Roxy Adams is an alcoholic.
  • Simply Irresistible (1998) by Rachel Gibson - John "The Wall" Kowalsky is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Echoes (2004) by Erin Grady - Grant Weston is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Broken Blossom (8/1990) by Jennifer Greene - SIM-345 - Kelsey Whitfield is an alcoholic.
  • The Still of Night (2003) by Kristen Heitzmann - Morgan Spencer is a functional alcoholic.
  • Seize the Day (1/1992) by Janice Kay Johnson - HSR-483 - Nick Braden is a recovering alcoholic, and Ellen Patterson is from a family of alcoholics.
  • Guilty Secrets (2004) by Virginia Kantra - Joe Reilly is a morphine addict.
  • Do-Over (11/2003) by Dorien Kelly - HFL-3 - Cara Adams is a workaholic.
  • The Wilder Shores of Love (10/1988) by Madeleine Ker - HP-1114 - Margot Prescott is a drug addict.
  • Rachel's Holiday (2000) by Marian Keyes - Rachel Walsh is a drug addict and alcholic.
  • The Virgin Beauty (10/2000) by Claire King - SIM-1038 - Frank Cash, secondary character, is a drug addict.
  • Shopaholic series (2001 - ) by Sophie Kinsella - Rebecca Bloomwood is a shopaholic.
  • The Undomestic Goddess (2005) by Sophie Kinsella - Samantha Sweeting is a workaholic.
  • Fallen from Grace (2003) by Laura Leone - Ryan Kinsmore is a gigolo trying to get out.
  • Undeniable (8/2004) by Julie Elizabeth Leto - HBZ-146 - Danielle Stone is a recovering drug addict.
  • Cassidy's Charm (10/2001) by Diann Mills - HSNG-441 - Cassidy Frazier is a recovering drug addict.
  • The Accidental Heiress (2/1998) by Lauren Nichols - SIM-840 - Ross Dalton, secondary character, has a gambling addiction.
  • Father To Be (1999) by Marilyn Pappano - J.D. Grayson is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Full Circle (9/1989) by Paula Detmer Riggs - SIM-303 - Trevor Markus is a recovering drug addict.
  • Taming the Night (1999) by Paula Detmer Riggs - Summer Laurence is a recovering drug addict.
  • Black Rose (2005) by Nora Roberts - Mitch Carnegie is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Back in Kansas (5/2001) by Deborah Salonen - HSR-986 - Robert "Bo" Lester is a recovering alcoholic.
  • A Piece of Heaven (2003) by Barbara Samuel - Luna McGraw is a recovering alcoholic.
  • A Risk Worth Taking (8/1983) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel - HAR-17 - Jess Butler is addicted to pills.
  • When Love Isn't Enough (11/1994) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel - HAR-80 - Wiley Hunt is a workaholic.
  • Low Country (1998) by Anne Rivers Siddons - Caroline Venable is an alcoholic.
  • The Crossroads Cafe (2006) by Deborah Smith - Thomas Mitternich is an alcoholic.
  • The Hellion (1984) by LaVyrle Spencer - Tommy Lee Gentry is an alcoholic.
  • Coyote Dream (2004) by Jessica Davis Stein - Ben Lonefeather is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Glass Houses (9/1989) by Anne Stuart - HAR-311 - Laura de Kelsey Winston is a workaholic.
  • Darkling, I Listen (2001) by Katherine Sutcliffe - Brandon Carlyle is a recovering alcoholic.
  • Come Morning (1998) by Pat Warren - Jeremy Slade is an alcoholic.
  • Last Summer (1992) by Theresa Weir - Johnnie Irish is a drug addict and alcoholic.
  • Their Forever Love (11/2000) by Kate Welsh - LI-120 - Jim Dillon is a recovering alcoholic.

Alternate Reality

  • The Quantum Rose (1999) by Catherine Asaro - Havryl Lionstar is an alcoholic.
  • Secret of the Wolf (2001) by Susan Krinard - Quentin Forster is an alcoholic.
  • The Time Traveler's Wife (2003) by Audrey Niffenegger - Henry DeTamble is an alcoholic.
  • The Dream Stone (1998) by Glenna McReynolds - Llynya is a lavender chewer.
  • Lover Enshrined (2008) by J.R. Ward - Phury is addicted to Red Smoke.

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