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I have been a Julie Anne Long fan since I read her first book, The Runaway Duke published in 2004. I have anticipated each and every novel in her eleven book series featuring the Redmonds and the Everseas of Pennyroyal Green, and I chose The Legend of Lyon Redmond as one of my top picks for 2015. Julie Anne Long’s books are generally auto-buys for me because she is just that good of a storyteller. One thing all of her previous books have in common is they are all historical romances. So Ms. Long is really stepping out of her comfort genre with this latest story.


The fifth chapter of Olivia Drake’s ongoing Cinderella Sisterhood series, His Wicked Wish, focuses on Nate Atwood, a tradesman and reluctant second son who returns to his native England when he receives word that his father has died, and Maddy Swann, a former actress looking to escape a stalker.


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