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In this deftly crafted and expertly plotted novella, Eloisa James demonstrates her ability to know her characters and build them quickly. This particular tale involves Oliver, a gentleman who lives with regret over a youthful indiscretion, and Lizzie, who lives with shame regarding her first marriage. When the two are forced together at a country house party, witty repartee is the prelude to much more.


I liked His Heartís Revenge, but itís my least favorite in the 49th Floor series. I missed the relationship building, character development, and honestly - angst, I expected. When I finished, I laid the blame on the page count, convinced previous books were longer. Wrong - theyíre all fairly close to 250 pages. On reflection, I think the problem lies with the format of the book. Dual narratives and multiple flashbacks take space and time to develop and in doing so, Ms. Holiday sacrifices character development. Itís an enjoyable addition to the series, but not as strong as the books that precede it.


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